Customer Reviews

Dan Metzger Dan Metzger
It Quit working
Aleyda b. Aleyda b.
11 Pieces Toroidal Cutter 35 mm
Works Perfect!!!!
I bought this for my husband he is so happy with his new tool that is keeping him far away from hard job
Bought Dec 2021 Bought Dec 2021
No 40 mm
Excellent for
I've cut dozens of 1" holes using annular cutter. Works fine. A red one would be >$1,000 and even a blue one is >$600. Probably not going to build an aircraft carrier with it, but for the occasional user, it's great. The 1.5" cutter is all this machine wants, if you're going to cut a lot of holes >1", get the bigger one.
Yoda Yoda
No 40 mm
I have drilled several 1/2 inch diameter holes horizontally thru 1/8 inch steel using an annular cutter bit. Much faster than a twist drill.
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