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4 Layer 36
Great product... like it very much!
Love the product, I have it for over a month and veggies are thriving. Thinking of getting a second one. Works very well, the square pods are a good perk. It is easy to put together (requires a bit strenght to tight tge fittings snugg). Overall, very satisfied!
Kelly L. Kelly L.
3 Layer 108
How often do I need to clean it?
Great setup!
Alejandro Alejandro
4 Layer 36
Mejor de lo que pensé
Muchos decian que perdia agua o no era fácil de montar, pero la verdad es que esta super bien, para cosas pequeñas como fresas, solo recomiendo al fabricante que lo haga de 3 pulgadas y libre de montar en la posición que uno quiera y lo vendera por miles
Mike j. Mike j.
4 Layer 36
So far so good! awesome little nutrient film hydro for the money!
I have used this and a similar brand for several cycles now and have had great luck with it. I will say that if your new to hydro there is definitely a learning curve, and nutrient film might not be the best place to start. But i will say that for growing lettuce like I do, this thing is amazing! I will say do your research on what to grow as many things are NOT well suited for a nutrient film growing medium, so a majority of failures people have are from growing inappropriate crops! it is well constructed and has no leaks and works exactly like it is suppose to. There are a few adjustments and tweaks you will need to do to get it working optimally, but other than that i really like this setup for the money. I am happy with my purchase and am planning on buying more of them when i expand my deck as they work well both in doors and outdoors, i just don't have any more room at the moment!
Mike W Mike W
4 Layer 36
So far so good
Super easy to setup and get going. I had a minor problem with the hookup but it was the crummy hose I was using from my house. Replaced the end and everything was fine. Running great and looking forward to a plant filled winter.
Truett O Yarbrough Truett O Yarbrough
3 Layer 108
Works great but missing timer pump
This thing is great. Lots of plants with a wonderful taste you won’t get in a store bought vegetables.Did not come with the timer controlled pump. I had to buy that extra.All in all not bad.
Brandon Szkotak Brandon Szkotak
3 Layer 90
Simple yet effective hydroponics growing system!
This is a simple yet very effective hydroponics system with very little maintenance. It is very cost effective. It would cost me more to build this system myself, and I don’t think it will look as nice as this. The set has everything needed to have a complete system. The pump also comes In the set. I like to have a faster water flow for more oxygen circulation and add another cheap $20 pump to run together with the other one. It will also serve as a redundant safeguard in case one fails. Overall great product.
MG5dogs MG5dogs
3 Layer 108
Pretty easy up assemble. Came with a broken part but customer service took care of it for me. Still haven't actually put plants in it or run water though it. But I might try to add a picture once I do.
Mark Loewen Mark Loewen
4 Layer 72
Very nice!!!
Very good product, I arrive on time, well packaged, I recommend it. I am going to buy more.
Farmer Farmer
2 Layer 54
Good System, Great Customer Service.
Ever have lettuce go bad in the fridge because you're not eating fast enough? There's nothing like having fresh salad anytime you like without running to the store or worrying about pesticides or bacteria on your food. You just grab a bowl and scissors and pick your own.

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