Stephanie McDaniel Stephanie McDaniel
6 x 13 ft Light Brown
Looks Great.
We replace the carpet on our deck every 2 to 3 years. This was very inexpensive and not as thick as our last carpet, that being said. It may work better and hold up better since it seams like it will dry faster, not letting the damp carpet mold or spot as the others we have had in the past I plan to update this review in a few months so I will definitely let you know how it is working out. For now I think it is what we need.
Debbie Salinas Debbie Salinas
6 x 23 ft Deep Blue
Marine rug
Ordered and was sent the wrong color. They accepted my return and shipped the right one pretty quick. It was easy to trim for pool deck.
Amazon Customer Amazon Customer
6 x 49.2 ft Deep Blue
Easy peasy
Nice looking carpet. No need to glue or tape to my pool deck. Much cooler on the feet.
Amazon Customer Amazon Customer
6 x 29.5 ft Black
This carpet was easy to put down alone. It cut well and laid down with ease. This was perfect for the price and works well in my basement.
Lisa Kurshumlija Lisa Kurshumlija
6 x 29.5 ft Deep Blue
The carpet looks great!
It’s a bit darker than the old carpet, but it looks amazing. Very satisfied with it
VEVOR Boat Carpet Marine Carpet 6x29' Indoor Outdoor Carpet Rug Anti-Slide Black VEVOR Boat Carpet Marine Carpet 6x29' Indoor Outdoor Carpet Rug Anti-Slide Black
Lacy Greear Crain Lacy Greear Crain
6 x 29.5 ft Black
Great product
really worth the money... very durable and high quality.
John A. Polonia John A. Polonia
6 x 29.5 ft Light Brown
In my patio very pleased
Like it very much
Ryan Ryan
6 x 46 ft Grey
Double check color in different light to make sure it’s what you want.
Color has somewhat of a purple ish hue. Not what I was expecting. Still good quality.
Garage rug Garage rug
6 x 18 ft Deep Blue
Garage rug
I bought this for the front area of my garage where the rain comes in and the dog lays around, and maybe an afternoon beer gets spilled from time to time. It is perfect. Water resistant, can be hosed off and the backing doesn't let it slip around when you walk across it. It is a fair value if you need to replace it every few summers. I suppose you could use it on a boat or dock too.
Non Stop Horizon Non Stop Horizon
6 x 36 ft Deep Blue
Will see
Hope it can stand up

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