Boat User Boat User
10 x 8 ft
Nice product, I use it on a boat and it is a pain to pit away but not anymore so than anyother one . Do to this we only use it occassionally.
Nicholas F. Quarrier Nicholas F. Quarrier
8 x 8 ft
Good Quality 8x8
This is a neat product. Using the electric pump that comes with it - inflation time around 4-5 minutes. What was amazing is the pump is reversible and sucks the air out - so don't have to lie on it trying to get air out. The reversible suction allows easy roll up to fit carrying bag. Beware! This raft is heavy!!! The bag does not have shoulder straps and I am guessing that the thin straps will soon break. (the carrying bag seems flimsy) Minus one star due to bag quality. (have not had it on the water yet but it is big enough for multiple adults)
Elisa Elisa
8 x 5 ft + Awsome water party in summer
Very Sturdy
The sturdiness is excellent, however, the blue material on top started peeling after the first use. It also takes longer than expected to inflate/deflate. Other than that I am happy with it.

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