Chas Chas
The dome is needed if you are using this indoors!
I gave 4 stars because of the mess the packing material made. Thousand of tiny Styrofoam particles EVERYWHERE including in the machine!The machine makes cotton candy real fast too! BUT if you plan to use this indoors I suggest getting the dome. My first time using this machine and tiny cotton candy particles are all over my kitchen now! I will have to use this outdoors.UPDATE: The fins on the side of the dispenser are the problem. They are bent too much causing too much wind blowing the cotton candy everywhere! I bent them back and it greatly helped!!Second update: I bent the tabs on the head almost flat to reduce wind as much as possible. It has helped greatly but in my opinion it's still generates a bit too much wind. My next step is going to be grinding down the tabs to make them smaller
21" Commercial Cotton Candy Machine Blue Tabletop Stainless Steel Home Sugar
stacey stacey
Love it
We love it and easy to use would suggest getting the dome for the top
Benjamin J. Seaman Benjamin J. Seaman
Easy to use
The instructions are an obvious and hilarious Chinese translation into English, but the machine is easy and fun to operate.Electrical connections are made with hot glue and that makes me nervous, but so far so good.

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