chung joo kim chung joo kim
Amazing after service
The camera lens broken during use and I asked for a replacement.I received a new set of camera lens immediately. Excellent service!!!!!!
JimboSC JimboSC
Camera works CREAT and as advertised
I bought this camera to run down my well. It is advertised to support water pressure down to 56-feet and it does do that. I have tried cheaper camera systems that advertised down to 100-ft and they all started to fail at about 25-feet below the water surface. Picture is very good too and your can take pics or record video to an SD card that it built into the monitor. Thank you VEVOR!
Bert Woods Bert Woods
Inspection camera hd1200
9"lcd monitor easy-to-see nice pic. Easy-to-use Good deal thank you
john A Werkmeister john A Werkmeister
Sewer camera
Love it much better then the super expensive ones we have because it does a good job and I'm not worried about breaking it and the hefty expensive to repair.
Marv Mccormick Marv Mccormick
3rd time is suppose to be a charm
I got this in the mail all excited, couldn't wait to use it, the 1st and 2nd time worked great. On the 3rd time I used it , at a customer's house I was bragging how great it worked, just got it , watch the magic, got it set up, drum roll please, turned it on and the screen was light blue with vertical lines on 1/2 the screen. No camera picture , fully charged, in the pipe , nothing , no picture,, totally bummed out. Like man this was my baby, cleaned it after each use ,kept it dry and warm i did everything but tuck it in at night so now I get to call them up on their 24/7 customer service. I'll keep you posted
Monte Kloubec Monte Kloubec
I used this unit to put down my sewer pipes to find out i had a tree root problem. I purchased this unit and did it myself and saved over $600
Randy Motes Randy Motes
Seems to work good
Daniel OToole Daniel OToole
5 Star performance
This sewer camera outperformed the first one I had that was $4,000.00. The picture is very clear. We were somewhat skeptical that the line would hold up on vigorous use but it has held up well. The only negative is we have to convert meters to feet since the line is marked up with meters but that has been very useful too once we figured it out. Buy it!
James Gaul James Gaul
Pleasantly surprised
I've used this camera only a few times, but have sold jobs ever time I take it out of the truck. For it's size and price range, the camera is very clear and easy to use. I would recomend this product.
Nelson Duarte Nelson Duarte
I Ask for return but you never take back my recuest

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