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Mike Mike
Great Pizza Oven for a great price
Oven gets super hot due to the heavy duty heating elements and cooks evenly on the included cordierite pizza stones, though I still like my pizza steels better so I have have bought a couple of 3/8" cold rolled carbon steel scrap plates from a local metal shop and cut them to mimic the cordierite stones. Now I can use either, you should consider selling pizza steel as an option as many people don't have the capability for the material handling of steel. I like how the 3 stainless steel heating elements can be individually controlled and with 2 compartments, a pizza can be moved to concentrate the heat or lessen it as desired. Having three 1000 watt elements may be an issue many people do not understand if they trip a breaker. The only thing I could wish for is the ability to cook a 16" extra large. The other commercial offerings are just way to expensive, you guys are the best.
Brandi Magaro Brandi Magaro
Can't believe the quality for the price. Heavy, commercial grade.
Can't believe the quality for the price. Heavy, commercial grade.
Kimberly Cureton Kimberly Cureton
Great product but not for us
It is bigger than expected which is great but can use because it trips a breaker every time we use it
eric larson eric larson
DO NOT accidentally put the pizza tray in worng like shown in picture it got stuck and I ended up spilling cheese on the heating element it must be on the rail it is easy to accidentally do this
Mike Winfrey Mike Winfrey
Love this pizza oven!!!
Upgraded to this pizza oven. Works great!
charles novitsky charles novitsky
goes by several names... all same...all good
NICE for PRICE ...actually made by Guangzhou Goodloog Kitchen Equipment Co., Ltd... but sold under many names... a very nice pizza oven for the price. as promised, it reached about 650f. Made great neopalitan / ny style pizza.Hints1) break in the stone gradually with heat, so it doesnt crack.2) maybe turn it on gradually each time you use, so stone doesnt crack.3) when first bought (ie when brand new), clean interior of dust and any packaging foam particles left over from shipping.4) gradually heat to max temp and leave to cook off any manufacturing residues, it may smoke and stink a bit for first two hours.5) discover the best balance of temperature settings for top heating element vs bottom heating element. (mine was 300f top, and 350f bottom)6) top will get very very hot, so avoid burning or place fireproof ceiling tile on top.7) preheat oven about 30 min prior to pizza8) buy a laser thermometer.9) consider also buying a pizza steel (square) 14 to 16 inches, to place on top of stone
Ricky Duck Ricky Duck
Very dependable
We retired our 24 year old Wisco Industries pizza oven that still works by the way, with 8 kids our old one has cooked thousands of pizzas. The new oven is very easy to use and is versatile with the temperature controls. I look forward to cooking more than just pizza in it!
Deep Midnight Deep Midnight
I do not like that the email soliciting a review also solicited a positive review. However, we are super pleased with the product and couldn't be happier. Easy to use, except it's European heat measurements, and works super good. Pizza is a snap and we've made cakes and cobblers in it too.
Daniel Knittle Daniel Knittle
Pizza Oven
Parents wanted a new pizza oven, and this was a great purchase. The first was stolen when delivered, and the company issued a new on the same day to a secure address. Highly Recommend.
Tracy Tracy
Very slow cook time
Might as well cook it in the oven. 20 minutes for a non frozen pizza. It cooks even and well, just not fast, which was the reason I bought this.

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