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Donna Zmolek Donna Zmolek
SS2-50R to SS2-50P 50 ft
Generator Cord
Bought this cord to hook up our generator. It works. I thought it was expensive, but the electrician thought it was a "pretty good deal."
Richard Marsh Richard Marsh
SS2-50R to SS2-50P
Value for the money
By far the best value for the money spent. I used this on 12kw generator that feeds my house through an interlocked breaker in my electric panel. The entire setup was less than $1200 versus more than $8k for a standalone whole-house generator. This cord allows me to place the generator in an area where the noise is minimal (and frankly very quiet inside the house) yet has good ventilation.
Scott W Scott W
SS2-50R to SS2-50P 50 ft
Excellent workmanship
This cord feels extremely well made and the insulation as well as the plugs are for sure excellent quality
Bob Bob
N14-50P 50 ft
50 amp wire
Loved how it works!
Justin Justin
Sweet little instrument. Has a soothing sound that is easy to play.
Very long cord, does the job, house backed up with power
des des
Looks great in my theatre room would buy again
just what i needed to hook up my generator
Ted Ted
The carry strap was a useful addition.
Corey W. Corey W.
This cord is well made and worked great when I tested my 9000w home generator.
Non Stop Horizon Non Stop Horizon
Just the right cable for the generator.
I use this cable to connect the Transfer Switch (in the shop in the basement) to the receptacle in the basement family room. I had measured the distance and it appeared that it needed the cable to be 50 feet long, so I ordered this cable, and it is perfect with about three feet to spare. I imagine the cable is exactly 50 feet. The male and female connectors are high quality, and the cable is as flexible as it can be expected for a 10/4 cable. It is heavy.
josh turner josh turner
Being used to extend power into a house I am building. Been in many snow and rain storms. Zero problems.

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