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Kariann Leslie Kariann Leslie
Great small portable saw
Works great. Portable and easy to use.
frank Hinde frank Hinde
Good value for money
This is a remarkable good bandsaw for the money. Powerful and cuts fairly close to square.
Duey P Duey P
LED light don't work
The Styrofoam was broken up inside the box but the saw was in good shape still. The instruction can use a lot of help. Like installing the blade and how to remove the saw from the base. The big thing was no LED LIGHT!The unit cut was good and clean.
WA Resident WA Resident
Robust bandsaw works out of the box
Purchased this after my HF bandsaw broke with only little use. I know, I'm trading one Chinese saw for another, However, opening this new saw up I was pleasantly surprised by a solid, beefy, well-packaged product. One only has to put the blade on by removing the black plastic covers (two screws) and tightening it up, put the covers back on and off you go.The base and mounting of the saw which makes it a cut-off saw is what surprised me: bigger than I expected and heavy. Not huge, mind you, but seems well-built.This report is not just based on an un-boxing, I put the blade on it, starting cutting some steel pieces for a welding project and it works like a charm out of the box!Additionally, my unused HF blades/bands fit this! Hooyaa!
Dg1976 Dg1976
Nice saw for the price.
I have used other more expensive brands and I have to say for the price this unit is great. I purchased this for my home hobby/welding shop and so far so good. It takes a little patients to get it set up to cut square, but after that it is spot on. Really like the variable speed feature and the built in work light is good for my aging eyes. Cuts unistrut and 1-1/2"x 1-1/2"x1/8" angle iron effortlessly. Great buy.
Ed Ed
Great value
Excellent value for your money its worth every cent. A great small bandsaw with real power and it does not that much space in your work area. I have been using it about a year now and it has performed like a champion. It cuts quick with no hesitation and straight as well. 90 or 45 it does an excellent job. I would recommend to anyone looking for great bandsaw for their shop
R Alexander R Alexander
A great balance of portability, functionality, moderate cost, robust construction.
Was finally able to commission the saw after Christmas. My shop doesn't have room for a dedicated metal band saw or powered hacksaw for cutting heavy lathe stock, and I have been searching a long time for an alternative. This saw is the right balance between portability, robust construction, and ease of operation. It requires no tools for changing cutting angles, you will need to set the blade angle with your square and reference blocks. (the reference pointer provided is pretty basic) It has a reliable worm drive gear train, not spur drive like some I have broken. The saw is a MIlwaukee clone, (I have two others non-mounted) so the saw basic design is proven and sound. The saw has plenty of power. The quick release and reset feature of the material clamp is very useful. The saw is easily luggable by one man, and its small footprint fits nicely on a standard workbench or in my case, a table saw table. The saw is non-counterweighted, so its weight is just about right to cut at a moderate pressure through metal stock, and it is easily controllable with light pressure or support. I looked at other saws offered on Amazon after using this one for a while, and was pleasantly surprised that I had lucked into picking the best one for my needs. I won't be without one again! I recommend this to any craftsman needing to haul it to a jobsite or for the farmer needing to build special equipment, or hobbyist building his kid's go-kart, etc. . Please note- if you are getting ready to do a job with this, be sure you get your materials from a legitimate steel supplier. The junk they sell in the big box stores can be challenging to work with, wrecking blades with hard spots in the steel. Also, I have found Lennox blades to give superior service in these saws.
dr. mike dr. mike
Great saw especially for the aluminum posts I was cutting
Liked using the saw but had to go to YouTube to find out how to install the blade. The indrructions were sorely lacking in that regard. Otherwise, nice saw for honey-do work or weekend work.
TechGuru101 TechGuru101
Works great for the price!
I finished my first project with this, about 25 cuts 1 3/4 steel tubing, no issues! I found it a bit difficult to get perfectly straight cuts, I may have to finagle with it a bit more, but cuts were still good, much better than my angle grinder. I’m sure for $500 I could probably get something better, but for under $200, this thing is great!
Tracy Knight Tracy Knight
Great value
This saw works great the only problem I had was trying to figure out how to get the blade covers off to install the blade. Nothing in the instructions says anything about a screw but I eventually found them and it was easy after that. The saw cuts fairly square I would definitely recommend this saw.

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