Commercial Customer Commercial Customer
30 L Sliding Cover
It's hard to complain for the price, but I will, just a bit. The main issue is with the sliding lid. Plan on taking a small file and rounding the sharp corners, you may also need to remove the steel burrs from the receiving part of the lid so it doesn't catch as you try to open it. I then recommend go to your local AutoZone and purchase the car door edge trim with the self adhesive (about $5) and put it on the top edge and the inner edge where you would likely scrape your hand when scooping ice or pulling out a beverage because the edge will still be sharp based on the metal gauge used. I used the clear trim and it looks great. I haven't installed it yet to test the plumbing connections, but they seem sufficient. In summary, if you plan on using it as is I feel that it is a hazard but with a little work it is a great deal.
Nicole B Nicole B
49 L Flipping Cover
Fabulous Ice bin- came scratched
Awesome addition to my outdoor kitchen. Would be 5 star but- unfortunately, it was scratched when I received it. This bin is perfect for drink ice for a large party or for storage of beverages. It looks great on my deck built into an island.
33 L Flipping Cover
Love it
PERFECT! I bought this to install on an outdoor kitchen. Once I got it in place I installed hinges so that the door opens and closes instead of lifting off. I'm really happy with this product and when I build my next outdoor kitchen I'll be buying this one again.
DVecchio DVecchio
30 L Sliding Cover
Very substantial ice chest, but drain system is weak
This is a very heavy steel ice chest, but the drain mechanism requires some "do-it-yourself" skills to make it work well. Also, I think it might be a little out of square. The top won't stay seated, and I think I"m going to be fighting this to keep the cover working smoothly without having to keep adjusting it. It's also pretty big, so be prepared to put a ton of ice into this thing!

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