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David Haley David Haley
You cannot order parts for this separator
The separator come with two cream screws which in my case was a lifesaver. The cream adjustment screw that was initially installed was installed slightly crooked. We removed it as the separator wasn't operating as expected. We noticed some of the threads on the screw were stripped. We installed second screw and cream separator operated as expected. I had not used the separator when I ordered it as my animals were not in milk yet. Used it for the first time 2 weeks after the 90 day warranty. Thus, I contacted company twice to order a replacement cream screw to have for a back up. Didn't expect them to replace it, I would pay for it. They informed they don't sell parts. So if anyone knows where to order the screws please post.I know 3 people who have ordered this separator and are please with it but also wanted to order back up cream adjustment screws...
L & C Powell L & C Powell
Does what it says! Learning curve
This item works! You do need to search the machine (under mineer name) on YouTube and watch videos. If it’s leaking everywhere you’re doing it wrong. If it’s clanking, you’re doing it wrong, if you don’t get cream and skim you’re doing it wrong. Such a learning curve!!
Jerrilee Jerrilee
This cream separator is awesome!
We have two goats and get a couple gallons of milk a day. We have wanted a cream separator, but didn’t want to spend a lot of money. This one is perfect- it is efficient, quiet and exceeded our expectations.
VEVOR Customer VEVOR Customer
Kayla Arredondo Kayla Arredondo
Muy útil
Para mi fue muy buen producto. Ya que yo elaboro productos lácteos caseros
Giles Giles
Works well
Bought this for my wife's birthday and she loved it. The directions are lacking, but a quick YouTube video will explain it all. We did have some leaking on the skim milk side due to frothing, nothing major, but it wouldn't hurt to have a gasket between the cream separator and skim milk catch.
Tim Beevers Tim Beevers
Works great. Separate warmed milk. Clean the inner separator disks after every use.
Used once so far. Worked flawlessly on goat milk and was very quiet. A mild surprise: the toggle switch’s “on” position is down, “off” is up. The parts are sturdy enough for home use, but don’t go dropping pieces on the floor or they’ll get dented. The separator disks, especially, won’t tolerate that.Be sure to warm your milk to 100F or so. If the milk fat is not melted, it can’t flow through the separator.Processed just 6l for our first run, and got 400ml cream. That indicates roughly 6.5% which seems high, so I’m guessing the cream is light cream. I’ll know more after I make butter. I have no way to tell how much cream is left in the separated milk, but it tastes surprisingly rich.If you clean the parts immediately the milk products rinse away readily, so don’t delay as it really must be done. Be sure to remove the O ring as milk does get underneath it. Next time I’m just popping the parts in the dishwasher.How much cream is lost during the run? The separator plate assembly trapped 65g of cream inside, even after flushing the system by running skim milk through it. That was about 16% of my cream. You’ll need to process about 100l of milk to keep your loss to less than 1%.The unit came with a spare O ring and float, so I’m guessing these are subject to some wear and tear. I’m not at all sure how easy it will be to get repair parts, should I need them.YouTube videos are useful to familiarize yourself with the parts.Enjoy!
Sbushard Sbushard
Haven’t used it yet but it seems really nice
Courtenay Courtenay
Works great
For the money, this thing is awesome. It separates cream, and it does it well. Very happy with it. However, the instructions provided were poorly written (go to YouTube as others have suggested), the base has a small burr which scratched my countertop (I’ll file it down), and the rubber grommet the body rests on wasn’t installed properly on the shaft. I simply seated it lower to get the proper clearances.Hey, we’re separating cream, so we’re very happy. This thing seems very heavy duty, too. Heavy steel construction.
Barry Barry
Cream of the crop
It was a gift the recipient was very impressed the settings were perfect for the thicker cream and fast separation. Very happy with the product.

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