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Tracey Holton Tracey Holton
Hand Drum great for kids
This is a great little hand drum for the money. I got it for my son. He made this song up on his own and played it at our wedding. It comes with a little song book which we haven’t taken the time to learn yet but it seems like it is great fun. It also comes with the little sticks as well. It is heavy seems to be some sort of metal and good quality.
L. Gordon L. Gordon
Can be hard to get good tone w/ fingers
It provides great sound w/ the mallets on all but the highest note (seems common on these w/o paying hundreds of $). I have a hard time getting a good tone w/ my fingers & thumbs but when I do it’s much quieter so might be a good way of practicing w/o disturbing housemates. The plastic knobs for the fingers was reasonably comfortable on my wide fingers. Although made it easier to hit the right spot on the tongues they didn’t improve the tone from just my fingers. More experienced drummers could more easily get a good tone w/ hands so I’m sure my difficulty is an issue of technique.
Jacy Jacy
Amazing, and peaceful. They must have around the house for the entire family….. we call it timeout meditation time.
Alexander Alexander
Best Gift My Wife Got Me On Valentines Day.
This Is My First Time Playing This Instrument And I Am Very Excited to have my First steel tongue drum! Came two days before the estimated arrival time. It's Very Light weight But Has A Very Loud Tune When Playing it. It's Worth The Value I Paid For. My Wife Loves The Sounds Of It. I'm Looking Forward To Purchasing A Larger One With More Notez Soon.Five⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
J.J. J.J.
Great Tongue Drum! Thumbs up and Three Snaps!
Bought this as a gift for my husband. It is in a great key for our purposes, and the tone is very pleasant. We may need to file or bend one tongue the slightest bit to clear up some muddiness. We are leaving it for now as it is only noticeable with a very soft touch. We don’t have any prior experience with tongue drums specifically, but this particular set up, 11 notes in D major, 10inch diameter, pleasant sound and look, AND at just under a hundred dollars, is an extremely satisfactory deal. The gold is a nice finish- kind of a metallic mustard. Overall, we are very pleased with it and would buy this again!
Emerald City Girl Emerald City Girl
Absolutely beautiful sound
Omg, what a beautiful gift. I bought 3 for my adult kids’ families for Christmas. After receiving them and checking them out I ordered a fourth for me. The sound is amazing, very soul-resonating; beautiful. Peaceful. Calming. Love this!
Derek Derek
Just amazing!
Always wanted one, and as a keyboard player I can play my melodies on here. After some slight adjustments in tuning I am playing this spiritual instrument everyday. The vibration you receive is a very balanced harmonious sound.
Vevor Customer Vevor Customer
Update to last review
Thank You!!!! IT CAME IN TODAY!!! One little boy is happy. The color is perfect. The sound is really easy on his ears. Hopefully, he will have years of enjoyment with this.
Amazon Customer Amazon Customer
Was well tuned
Great sound, good size, louder than expected
Lili Lili
We enjoyed it
I bought this for my son who became obsessed with steel drum. We've got two pricier ones but both had a full note. I was disappointed. I realized that my son really uses it as a toy. He doesnt really play much music on it. He just likes the sounds. So I went for a cheaper and simpler one. He's happy that it's not super big and heavy and has all the element he was looking for anyway. 11 notes are a bit limited and you cannot play that many songs. But it's enough for just playing for fun.

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