Nevada Chuck Nevada Chuck
So a couple of months ago I was burned by a company taking money for a product then closing. It left my a bit concerned. We have cared for a homeless man for the last ten years and the LDS church (I am Baptist not a member of the LDS church) purchased a Vevor 24" trike for him a couple of years ago and it worked well for hime until he started working on it. We ordered a new Vevor 24" trike and it was dropped of a few days later - The man told us he would put the trike together. A few days later it had been modified into almost uselessness. We ordered another trike from Vevor but this time had a local handyman put the trike together. Good company.. real company and heavy on customer service and a good product received. Thank you for the Vevor product line and at great prices.
Kimberly Ale Kimberly Ale
Fun and safe
Initially it was hard to get the seat to stay raised.
Joan Joan
Rides great!!
We found that the instructions did not match the bike.
Vicki OKeefe Vicki OKeefe
Very nice trike
Had to take to a bike shop to assemble because it overwhelmed my husband to assemble. The quality and comfort are outstanding. I have vertigo issues, and the stability of a trike gets me out again! The backrest on seat is very appreciated. I may change out the seat for one more soft, in the meantime the one it comes with is fine.
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Non Stop Horizon Non Stop Horizon
Excellent bike
Like how it looks and how sturdy it looks. The VEVOR bike is a striking blue color

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