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Michael Blaker Michael Blaker
Very nicely made.
Nicely made, good for beginners. Though it seems to be losing heat. Due to where the regulator connects, where the 3 square bolts are screwed into the furnace, and I watched a 5" flame blowing back towards the gas line. that is not a safe design. If the regulator had a small about of insulation wrapped around where it's inserted into the furnace, it would fix the problem with the logs of heat, and the flame escaping the furnace. If you were to chasms the regulator design from a straight pipe, to a 90⁰ angle at the connection of the regulator fits to the furnace would fix the problem of the flame blowing back towards the gas line.
Well built product and easy to assemble.
Package arrived in good shape with all the parts and assembled easily. I am new to casting so I am not sure the volume of metals yet but my first try was a success with a 1 kg ingot of aluminum using just cans. I heated this furnace up until it glowed red inside and after cooling it showed no visible wear other than a few brown marks, so It appears this will last a long time.
Patrick A. Patrick A.
As advertised.
Preface to say, I'm a complete novice. But having an absolute blast!!! My family calls me a "Serial Hobbiest". Just enjoying early retirement. Had been using basic MAPP torch for my silver and gold work. But too often was not able to hit temps needed. Not a problem with this thing, even with just basic propane. Now processing more gold and silver than I can afford.
robert lavigne robert lavigne
Arrived quickly and in perfect condition
My Cast Masters Furnace arrived quickly and in perfect condition. I became distracted and it sat in my garage for several months. Once I opened it I followed the enclosed directions, including viewing the YouTube video they gave a link to. Assembly took less the 3 minutes and I was burning immediately thereafter. Nice product and based on my personal experience, recommended.
shannon payne (mr) shannon payne (mr)
Excellent packaging, excellent quality
First impression upon opening: Good packaging, double-boxed, double layer of packing foam on top, thick packing foam on bottom holding all components in place. Crucible itself came inside of the furnace, also inside of a zip-lock plastic bag. because of the size difference between the crucible and the diameter of the furnace, there is motion during shipping which caused the fire brick to impact the crucible. This made minor chips along the outside. the interior is completely fine and still fully functional. The ceramic fiber inside of the furnace is of good quality and there was minimal deformation caused from shipping. The furnace itself feels to be of high quality and there is a plaque that shows the melting temperatures for various metals. very useful for beginners. I am extremely satisfied with this product.
Siannopollo Siannopollo
Easy set up & heats up fast
This is the first furnace I've purchased and it works great! The set up was easy and when I tested it, it heats up fast. All parts came ready to use and thee included accessories are perfect to get started. The furnace is easy to adjust with the temperature. I attached it to a 40 lb propane tank to get more time out of the furnace. The crucible was easy to heat treat in the oven and now it is ready to melt some metal. Safety equipment is recommended. All in all worked better than I expected it to. I’m looking forward to working with this furnace and melting all types of metal. Would definitely recommend to anyone, especially beginners, looking to melt metal.
Scott M Scott M
Excellent starter furnace
I just did my first melt ever with this furnace and the included gear. It was an awesome success. I didn't do anything fancy, but as my first melt and pour I don't know how it could have gone better. I would definitely recommend watching the linked video in the item description, as it really helps you learn about the product and how to properly fit everything together. It's very straight forward, but the need for thread tape is worth noting. Controlling the airflow is an important piece that may not be as obvious either.
Mike W. Mike W.
It heats up fast and melts cans with ease.
It took a little trial and error to get the oxygen/gas ratio right, but once I had it balanced, it made short work of a bag of cans I had ready and melted chunks of copper left over from an inferior furnace that gave out half way through a melt. Much better than the electric one from China I recently tried that didn't even have a coherent manual.
wb2.0 wb2.0
I am having a blast
I love this furnace. It took some trial and error to figure out the propane and air adjustments to get everything going good, but I was surprised at how easy it was to melt. You are not going to be melting steel in this thing, but it's a great way recycle scrap. I am an absolute beginner and got a cool little bar on my first attempt. If this sort of thing interests you, I would recommend giving it a try. I will say that the only instructions were assembly instruction. You pretty much need to figure out how to adjust things yourself. But it's not that hard.
Dimkaa Dimkaa
Works great buy it you won't be sorry love it
I love everything about this furnace works great it took minutes to assemble and melting aluminum is quick and easy. I am a beginner and this great for anyone at any skill level. The only thing that. I added was a cut off valve close to the furnace for convenience.
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