Tom Tom
Melting Furnace
Works great for my application. I can smelt the gold that I had previously melted in my electric furnace. You can melt copper, brass, aluminum, it will get really hot fast.
Kenny Kenny
Pretty OK
This item does work as intended. I have an issue with the tongs, since they aren't the right type to hold the crucible and pour. The firebrick cracked with the first use, so that could've been better. The insulation in the lid falls off every time I open the lid, but that's not that major an issue...more a simple annoyance. Buy better gloves, guys...these transfer heat straight through and will burn the bugger out of you. I'm leaving 4 stars because the item works tremendously well. Replace the tongs with a decent set that can be used to hold the crucible properly to pour (they're not hard to make) and replace the gloves and you'll be good to go.
Tinker Tinker
Great beginner melting furnace
As a first time melter, the instructions were OK not comprehensive. I watched many YouTube vids prior to firing up the forge for the first time. I did have some issues connecting the regulator to my propane tank. I had to remove a plastic ring/seal that was on the very tip of the nipple, then push very hard to get the threads started. I will be upgrading the adapter to a grill tank style fitting, the regulator one doesn't seem to thread in very far. The round firebrick in the bottom wasn't flat and caused the crucible to rock slightly. The bottom firebrick broke into many pieces during my first use. There are no instructions that tell you how far the burner gets installed into the furnace, it would be nice if there was a stop. I had the burner in so far it was protruding slightly through the insulation, the paint on the burner melted back to the feed pipe. Looking back, I think it was only supposed to go in about 3/4". There is no insulation retainer in the lid, it kept falling out when I opened the furnace (This was very annoying when trying to get the hot crucible out.). I think I may weld some tabs pointing to the center around the edge of the top. The gloves provided aren't really any good, they're too short to protect the hair around your wrist and very thin like they were an afterthought (invest in some heavy duty welding gloves). The instructions need some kind of guide as to what pressure should be used to reach a set temperature. I have some new firebrick on the way, along with some refractory cement to better protect the Kaowool insulation. Some fruits of my labor, I still need to figure out how to make clean (non bubbly) ingots. The mold provided is very, very tiny, I wasn't able to pour anything into it without making a mess... Also, try not to use cheap multi-piece muffin pans as a mold... As you can see in my picture, the copper fused itself to the muffin cup and won't come off.
VEVOR Propane Melting Furnace Metal Forge W/ 4KG Graphite Crucible Casting Tool
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