PC3021 PC3021
Unbelievable Unit
I was looking for some sort of heat source to keep my 9’x12’ greenhouse heated to 23 degree CI stumbled across these units. Unbelievable! This unit is self contained, super efficient, portable, super reliable, and the thermostat is adjustable from 8C to 30 Plus C. It is super easy to operate. It takes a minute or so preheat the glow plug and system but that’s how they work. Within a minute you have warm/hot air blowing from the flexible output hose. You simply press the Power button and the toggle through the display to the Temp page and simply select the desired temperature by press the Up or Down buttons.I have used it now for 3 weeks in temperatures down to minus 2C. I had the unit set for 11C.It burned 1.5. - 2 liters of fuel in a 12 hour period overnight. Excellent! Also the fan output increases at start up and then nicely slows down as the unit reaches the desired temp. This gives excellent air flow. When fan is on high it is very powerful. This is not a toy. It works,perfectly!I like this unit so much, I ordered and now have a second unit to keep at my lake home to preheat my riding snowblower’s engine.
Diesel Air Heater 5kw 12v Lcd Display All In One For Truck Rvs Car Motorhomes Diesel Air Heater 5kw 12v Lcd Display All In One For Truck Rvs Car Motorhomes Diesel Air Heater 5kw 12v Lcd Display All In One For Truck Rvs Car Motorhomes
Robert Bunn Robert Bunn
Great little heater!
Took quite awhile to figure out the instructions but once I got the administration code and some input from YouTube I got it! Still have not been able to link the remote though
Paul Connolly Paul Connolly
Works great
I am using this unit to heat me workshop. It works great and is a wonderful heat. I was using kerosene heaters and they would just randomly smoke and kerosene became a chore . This heater is easily installed, and I use the remote to preheat the shop for my arrival.
Mohamed Farah Mohamed Farah
I love my new heater this was great.
Awesome parking heater so far!
Great product! Shipped fast and fired up first try!
GraceUrban GraceUrban
This little heater is amazing!! Thank you for quick response to replacing original unit that was "overly" challenging. Anyone have problems or need help troubleshooting this unit there are TONS of videos on youtube and facebook is loaded with helpful people. Look up Diesel heater pages. There are three or four of forums on fb. Answers in seconds or minutes~~
sumit preechar sumit preechar
Diesel tank ,cut level is too high, can't use the remaining diesel!
debbie w. debbie w.
Car heater garage heat
Used 2020 winter in garage even though it's a car heater 600 sq. Ft non insulation works ok in the fall does great temps 50/30 winter 40/20 not so great concrete floor gets cold nothing works had wood stove took 2 hrs to get the air will get the chill out quick in fall most my jobs are only a couple hours anyway.fuel consumption was low a tank last 4.9 hrs. If it was used in camper or van would stay toasty and be cheap to operate. Housing is kind of cheap thin but remember the price cheap. The rest seemed well made and it does get hot I didn't use the remote ever thing worked as stated if used for a garage I would recommend the 8000 btu. Also didn't drain battery very fast but mine ran wide open mostly. in a vehicle it would run on low mostly and suspect would use very little fuel. mine is the fully contained with a gallon and quart fuel tank. If you have the space the other stylecan be mounted below with a larger separate fuel tank and supplies. The EXHUAST does get hot I cut hole in wall and used a metal electrical double outlet box. The knockouts are perfect size for intake and exhaust .the wall didn't get hot nor vinyl siding. Hope this helps.
Jason Jason
Great unit
Great heater, I have used it in my garage and plan to use it to heat a cargo trailer. JCS

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