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Elizabeth Elizabeth
I use this at work. It works great. Efficient. Fast. Love it
Simply put, I love it
roy horton roy horton
works good if you read the directions!
For all the people who did not read the directions! In big black letters it says not to cut sweetpotatoes! They are to hard! I make fries from Russets and it works great on big large potatoes!One tip...I dont have the one with the long handle on it. I push down on the small handle and thenlift it up and take several hard downward motions with it. Push it up and down hard and it willmake great fries.... If you have skinny little wimpy not buy! So put your big boy pantson and it will work great.
Furqan Butt Furqan Butt
Good quality product
The product was good. Fast delivery. Same as per description.
raul raul
muy buen producto
Maritza Rodriguez Maritza Rodriguez
Easy to use and clean. Great price and fast shipping. Material quality is super good. Definitely I will buy again this product.
Patrick Meunier Patrick Meunier
different size blades
the unit works great the only problem is i haven't been able to get different size blades and the other maf. blades fit the valvor unit
1/4" Commercial Vegetable Fruit Dicer Tomato Slicer Aluminum Frame Industrial
Matthew Lee Matthew Lee
Great Product! M. Lee
This product works great as expected and arrived very quickly. Would recommend.
blanca wa blanca wa
Good quality
I recommend this toolSo Easy to clean
Jon R Jon R
Love this thing!
I have had this for about six months, and use it regularly. I do a lot of cooking for my church, and for the elderly. In doing so, I am forever chopping onions, green peppers and I used to use canned chopped tomatoes, rather than fresh, to save time. This chopper makes everything so much easier; takes a couple of minutes to do two onions, four green peppers, and a pile of roma tomatoes. The key is finding a container to place under the chopper, to catch the chopped vegetables. I was able to find a small (just under 7") square Tupperware container, which had diagonal cuts on the corners; it fits perfect. Without this, the chopped vegetables end up everywhere... I am sure you could use a cake pan, and place a towel under the pan so that it would not shift; I find the small bowl works better.Also worth noting, this is not a commercial grade chopper. If you had to do a 50 pound bag of onions every day, you would be well served to get a chopper that costs about $200; something that will hold up under vigorous work. For most people working in their kitchens, this thing is great. I am quite sure it will last my lifetime; it is not cheap, but I am also not pounding through onions 100 times a day.Finally, it is better to cut and obviously peal the onions before chopping them. Placing them with the cut side facing down will make the job much easier. I cut green peppers into quarters, and tomatoes in half; always placing the cut side down, on top of the blades.This thing will save you a lot of time, maybe a few close calls on cut fingers, and you will have uniform pieces of the vegetables you are chopping in no time... Get one now!

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