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coolbreeze coolbreeze
Works good for the price!
The drain tube is cheap and the filter that comes with it is for “testing purposes only”. I installed a GE water filter that I picked up from the depot. Makes ice quick and looks really good
Bass Bass
60 kg/h 40 pcs
Good little ice maker
The ice maker has been working since the day I plugged it in. The touch screen controls don’t seem to be super responsive but I was able to adjust the ice cube size as needed. Also I did not realize that the bin isn’t cooled and that ice will melt out of it. Not a huge deal but it’s not what I expected. Also the bin size advertised is not 33 lbs, it’s maybe 15 lbs at most. Still for what I am using it for it has been working great and I still consider it a good deal.
Michael Unger Michael Unger
Easy Setup And Running Fine
Installed it two weeks ago and have not had any issues. The ice is clear and solid. Unfortunately, the supplied water filter was underwellming. I purchased a 5 micron / carbon filter assembly from Lowes.
Keith Moughler Keith Moughler
Nothing it easy to install
It is a great ice maker. However it was delivered 3 houses from my house. Good thing I I have good neighbors. But why should I have to track it down
Lou Lou
Great to have fir parties.
The storage capacity is awesome. I had a graduation party to plan for and placed around 10 bags of ice in the freezer. The rest of the time I used fresh ice from the ice machine for drink.
Nancy Nancy
Convenient ice machine for small business
We have a small business and this machine works great for our needs. I had read reviews so i purchased a new filter before starting to install. Ice is solid cubes. Reason for 4 stars is the ice comes out in a chunk and has to be broke with the scoop. I would recommend it
Jeffrey H. Jeffrey H.
60 kg/h 40 pcs
Works as stated
The product so far has held up and makes plenty of ice to keep up with my boating. Pros -cost , cons- no refrigerated bin but for the price what do you expect. Cubes come out in a sheet and you have to break up.
ros_ ros_
70 kg/h 45 pcs
Took awhile to install the instructions weren't very easy to read and costumer service never picked up. I finally figured out how to use it and it's pretty good, you can't really change the ice shapes or at least I think.
60 kg/h 40 pcs
Makes a lot of ice really quickly
This ice maker replaces a 30+ year-old Uline and a terrible SunPenTown IM-150US that barely made it 4 years and even then needed a new water valve solenoid every 11 - 15 months.This ice maker churns out ice very efficiently and very quietly. The ice is divoted cubes made by flowing water, so it is fairly clear compared to half-moon type ice. It is a fairly soft ice- very much like a restaurant or a hotel ice machine makes.Installation was done by a plumber in less than an hour, but anyone even somewhat handy could do this themselves. The ice maker is installed in small home bar, so it has a water supply and a bar sink nearby. The plumber installed a dishwasher-style drain connection above the U-trap in the sink because this ice maker does constantly drain (chamber is cold but not refrigerated). Consequently, a small condensate pump was needed to lift the meltwater to the drain. The one it comes with is cheap and highly suspect. Build quality seems cheap and there is a plugged water outlet on the side that could easily open and cause damage. I didn't see any sort of UL-listing on the included pump. I ended up ordering Little Giant 554425 VCMA-20ULS which works very well. It is solid and very quiet when it kicks in to drain its reservoir of meltwater. The plumber also installed an in-line water filter. The one the ice maker comes with is useless and even says it is for testing purposes only (some badly translated instructions). It claims it is filled with cotton and not a proper carbon filter. I ordered GE GXRTDR Exterior Refrigerator/Icemaker Filtration System (there are similar good-quality compatibles available for less as well).In summary:-Great Ice Maker-Be wary of the pump it comes with-Inline filter it comes with is useless
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