Customer Reviews

Treva Melton Treva Melton
Like using
Still figuring some of it out. Overall like it.
Jeffrey vandermeiren Jeffrey vandermeiren
Works awesome but very finicky
Clayton Conrade Clayton Conrade
How do I get owner manual and do I order new cutting blades
Herman Domine Herman Domine
1.5-30 mm 40W
work very well.
You need to offer a replacement blade or cutter. I was told a replacement is not available.
Some of the parts are cheap but other than that it's a really good machine
It's a really good machine but it's parts are cheap and you have to keep up with your maintenance but other than thatIt's a great product
Vevor Customer Vevor Customer
Great unit
Works great on cable and large wire. Having issues with small wire but may become easier with more use and learning how to set up and run the smaller sizes
Brandon Brandon
It will pay for itself
It works pretty well. You get what you pay for. A few minor design flaws in how it strips wire. Smaller gauge(12g-10g) slips between the reels without grabbing so it doesn't feed the wire through. The blade it a little difficult to get positioned in the right spot. Either you are cutting copped or not quite cutting through so you have to muscle the rest of the coating off. For medium gauge wire, 8-6-4awg, it works pretty well. Unfortunately the larger wire/cable will not fit in this machine, so you are stuck doing that by hand or buying a bigger machine. It pays for itself.
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