Customer Reviews

Tasha Warthman Tasha Warthman
blade sharpener feature, keep those dingy ones
the Vevor is awsome!
Sandra Sandra
Excelente producto
very nice
very nice working and good price!!
Penny Sue Dove Penny Sue Dove
It's a bit intimating but don't let that stop you. Recommend watching how to videos
My cutter arrived three days early from the estimated time. I have not used it yet but have been watching how to videos. I can't wait to put it to use.
Monica Ruvalcaba Monica Ruvalcaba
Cuts through multiple layers of fabric.
I love how easy this machine is to use and it glides very smooth throughout the cutting process! Ive had several cutting machines but this one is my favorite. It cuts multiple layers of fabric,and the price is very accessible.
Heather Heather
Great for beginners
This fabric cutter is a great beginner tool. It is fairly light weight compared to similar cutters, and cuts through several layers of fabric easily. I tried 8 layers of terry cloth and it was fine.My only con to this machine is that it makes a bit of noise like it's got some parts rattling around. I would consider this the harbor freight tools of fabric cutters - it may last forever or it may break down in a little while. Definitely worth it if your looking to see if mass production sewing is something you actually even like.
Nestor Arias Nestor Arias
Right tool for pandemic project ___ask_?,It__ compact for what I needAnd I like
easy to handle."
George George
Great tool to have
A great tool to have for cutting fabrics, and it definitely improve the efficiency for our production line.
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