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michael a. michael a.
Easy to use
Works well, super easy to use. Led illumination makes lining everything up easy. Simple to use. Would recommend.-MA
J.D. J.D.
Works Well for Battery Packs
Works very well for .15mm nickle strips. Did a few hundred welds so far with no trouble. I have not used the charger part. If you are making packs larger than 4p I would recommend getting a unit that has a welding pen attachment.
Great produce
I have three different types of these unit and are FANTASTIC machines and do a great job... Bought all of my machines from same seller and very happy with them....
John John
Pas assez puissant.
Pas assez d’ampérage pour souder correctement des bandes de .2 d’épaisseur. Au final je ne l’utilise pas. Je me suis fait un spot welder avec un relais timer et un relais de démarreur.
cherri cherri
Good machine at a good price and good customer service
I mis-ordered a110v welder instead of a 220V, called shipper, explained the situation, the welders passed each other in the exchange. I would buy from this guy again.
Kenneth G. Chapp Kenneth G. Chapp
Spot welder did the job.
Used Spot welder to attach a new battery to circuit board. Unique tool would have cost and taken a long time if sent to manufacturer. Time saver to have.
Henry Robertson Henry Robertson
Great Spot-Welder
A very nice general purpose spot-welder. It has enough power to blow holes in the thinner connectors (which you fix by simply turning the power down), and turning the power back up you can use the thicker connectors for higher power systems. My first attempt isn't very pretty, but works just fine and hopefully I'll get better with practice. LOLA very good general purpose spot-welder with a very reasonable price. Keep up the good work Amazon.
709ad+ Pulse Battery Spot Welder W/iron Soldering Station S70bn Pen 800a 3.2kw

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