Amazon Customer Amazon Customer
They work as they should.
They work as they should. Nothing negative to say.
Non Stop Horizon Non Stop Horizon
Absolutely awesome. Use them all the time. Very high quality.
Bryan Moosman Bryan Moosman
Amazing Tool Holders
I was super impressed by these toolholders. An amazing balance of quality, standard tool selections and price. The finish on these is amazing, and everything fits together very well.Unfortunately, I need to return them. CAT40 was an optional upgrade for my machine and the seller I bought it from was misinformed on the size. Really wishing there was an equivalent package for BT40, - this seller would have my money instantly. Unfortunately, the selection for BT40 tool holders is challenging at best.I'd heartily recommend these to anyone who has a CAT40 machine with no regrets.
Felix Felix
Out of Box Perfection
Small Prototyping Machinist here, ordered these 5 ER16s because i needed to be able to set more tooling up without having the remove and replace tooling for different jobs. These came packaged in the twist and lock containers made for CAT40 holders and were enveloped in a thick plastic with oil to keep them from rusting, very content with the quality of the holders themselves, fit my ER16 collets without issue and ran all five of them up to 4000 RPM (machine max) without any issue. Will be ordering more in the future.
Glenn Sanchez Glenn Sanchez
nice set
I am happy with the quality
Sam Slivinski Sam Slivinski
James O'Regan / Shop Owner
Really recommend these. We were able to implement standard tooling buy buying sets of these holders. The er16 holders by orangeA are good too.
Tedde H Titus Tedde H Titus
Great product. A great deal.
A good starter selection of collets for my mill.
C. Wolf C. Wolf
Good quality and price
Great quality, well balanced, will buy again!
Richard Woerz Richard Woerz
Service after sail.
When I received my first set of collets everything seemed great. They appeared to be very well made. All was well until I noticed I had duplicates of some collets and none of other sizes. It took awhile but the Happibuy stuck with it and I'm glad to say the problem has been resolved. I wasn't the Happibuy's fault the manufacture did a poor job packaging the product but was the one that that got the problem fixed. Thanks again for the help.

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