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C Koehn C Koehn
Good once it's together
I like the boxes, although they are a bit frustrating to put together. It would be nice to have top caps in case you don't stack them.I'm using to park bulbs like allium, crocus, tulips
PoconosPA PoconosPA
Useful for short rooted plants -- little difficult to assemble
I decided to use this on my deck for my strawberries because weeding became impossible and the berries were multiplying everywhere in my garden. In the spring, I had just started moving some berries to these pots. I had 2.5 full, then deer broke into my garden and decimated at least 100 of my plants. They had already flowered. These were June berries. At least got some moved and they have since multiplied and filled up the rest of the planter. I may buy another for more berries because this worked out very well since they have short roots. I also planted leeks in one of the sections before the berries multiplied. Now it's a little crowded, but the leeks will be coming out soon. If I can set the new unit up as a strip vs. u-shape, then I can fit it on my deck and plant more short-rooted plants. I am very happy with this because it's not too tall, so I'm not wasting a lot of potting mix for plants with short roots. By the way, the one I received is not brown. It's a dark purple color. That's okay with me. Each compartment is separated by only a plastic strip. You can't separate them with panels, there aren't enough. The panels are only on the outside. The main complaint I have is assembly and instructions. The instructions are minimal and don't explain anything. They need to list the enclosed parts and specify which parts get setup first. I had to take it apart when I realized I hadn't inserted the connecting hose for the self-watering bottoms. You have to make sure you have the posts set up with the correct sides for sliding the other posts. Sometimes they are difficult to slide down and attach. Try to think ahead before you rush to assemble, since the directions are lousy. I can't find an instructional video. I think you can ask questions here if you get stuck. Hope this helps. I'm attaching 2 pics. Sorry for the backlit sun. (Flash wasn't strong enough.)
wendy wendy
Cheap and very sturdy
I used this garden bed for my sulcata babies and it’s perfect. One side has sand and the other has their water. It is a perfect size for them and will be buying another to attach to this one so a more bigger enclosure. I can pick this it out with worrying about everything in it falling out or falling apart. Definitely recommend if you want to go cheap and sturdy. It doesn’t take a genius to put together.
Andy C. Andy C.
diffucult to assemble .
could be packed better . broken pieces bad instructions!! not worth it! looks good possible not made to last!
stan Wilhelmsen stan Wilhelmsen
Great planters
I am over the moon excited about these planters!!!! They have so many options of what can be done with them. Placed together or separate, on the ground, or up on legs. They look fabulous and were simple to assemble. I am using mine up off the ground and all side by side to grow herbs. Hopefully will be coming up soon and will add a pic of that. Very excited to keep this off the ground as the ones I planted before were nibbled on by rabbits. These should fix that problem and look very nice. Very happy with this purchase. Much better looking than some I considered from local store.
AustinPhotog AustinPhotog
Great value for the price
Easy to assemble and good looking flower box's
Holmes Holmes
Easy to assemble and sturdy with the soil in them
I’ve bought three of these now. I may end up buying a forth one.
Rhonda McCabe Rhonda McCabe
This is exactly what I needed for a spot I covered in gravel. Easy set up, sturdy, and attractive! Great price for the value. I also own a vevor 15x15 heat press so I am a repeat customer and will come back again! Love the diversity of products they carry! Very satisfied with this company!
These went together quite easily, faster after the first one.
I will do some planting in them soon as I live in Florida and it is time to plant things.
R. Snider R. Snider
Great Planter Boxes
These arrived well packaged, all pieces were present, and they included a parts list/assembly instruction sheet (although, they would be easy to figure out without an instruction sheet). Each planter box only took about 5 minutes to assemble and once assembled, they are rather sturdy. That being said, I cannot imagine it would be smart to assume you could move one of them all about once you have added soil and plants, unless you are supporting the planter from under the base rather than carrying it by the sides. They seem to be a good height (with the legs on) to make them comfortable to work with when kneeling without straining your back.

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