Customer Reviews

Al S. Al S.
Great machine but the instructions suck!
The Machine works great as soon as you figure out how to make it work! The instructions don't explain how to install the tanks or change settings!
Sus Kitchen Sus Kitchen
Could have been better
We use this in our food truck business and it works fine just that it needs temperature control gauge so you can set it to a particular settings because at its least setting the slushie turns very hard and we have to keep turning off the chill to get it back to normal. Other than that no complaints.
Kate Kate
Had some issues getting the machine to work and still need to play with it. Customer service was great! Wilson texted and face timed me from China. (His time 12:30am!) He was very helpful and friendly!
Bill Bill
Black 2 Tanks
Goid machine. Cane damaged in shipping. Not a Vevor fault. However, Vevor handled the issue fast and and to our satisfaction. Makes great slushies.
Stevens Farms Stevens Farms
Work great especially if in a temp controlled environment
Your browser does not support HTML5 video. This unit has been a lot of fun to play around with. Just add a beverage with a fairly high sugar content and fire it up. Add an adult beverage if you like. The controls are fairly simple, however, if you purchase the single "hopper" unit, the control still has three places on it. It will just cycle through all three on the screen. The unit came packaged fairly well with just a slight dent in the side panel. It did not effect the operation at all.On first startup it made a little noise, like a fan hitting on something, but it went away after the first use or two.If you use the unit outside in hot conditions with a full batch, be prepared for it to take quite a bit longer to get to the desired consistency, but if you use it in a climate controlled environment it doesn't take long to make tasty drinks.Overall it is a good unit, but the price seems slightly high. I am satisfied though and would purchase it again.
SOMD Winery SOMD Winery
Summer slushy machine
We are a winery that does wine slushies in the summer time. Our previous other brand finally gave out. We purchased 3 of these machines. They keep up with demand fo rthe most part no issues. We did have our 2nd one have issue with something in the motor making a clicking noise that is very irritating. Works fine. Cleans fairly easy as well.
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