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Duane Duane
This shipped very quickly, and has worked perfectly for my needs. Great value. I have not had any issues with it at all. I used it to level my Bridgeport mill, and it had not problem lifting it.
Brent Brent
Worked like a charm for my purposes. Used this to aid in lifting and moving a large metal lathe. Needed an affordable option as this will probably rarely be used and this fit the bill.
Tom Tom
I used this jack to lift part of my outdoor deck so I could rebuild the foundation which had rotted. The jack worked perfectly. I shopped around before I bought it and was concerned that the price seemed low compared to other sources, and was worried about the quality. But it turned out that it was just a great deal.
Eric Eric
Worked as expected
Product worked well at first but after several lifts needed vise grips to tighten enough to avoid leaking we completed lift and all is good
Nadine R Lynch Nadine R Lynch
Sturdy and works great
Would have given this a 5 star but it didn't come with the handle. The box came intact so it didn't fall out in shipping. I contacted them and they wanted pictures of the box even thou I told them the box was fine.
Lyna A. Moriarty Lyna A. Moriarty
Great jack
Worked exceptionally well for construction job we used it on.
Jim Jim
retired equipment technician.
I purchased this Toe Jack and the 30 ton 2 inch lift ram to lift the outer wall of a house and replace the sill. They worked great. The Toe Jack is very heavy built . The two piece handle needs to lock together for more ease of usage. The shipping boxes need more packing. The Jack had broken through both boxes during shipment. It is a wonder the jack handle was not lost. I am very pleased with my purchases from Vevor. The items were as advertised.
M*** ***e M*** ***e
It's a unique design that has many different uses.
I had a steal wagon hitched that had been crushed. This restored the clearance and made it usable again.
Patrick Trammell Patrick Trammell
Neighbor has a porch and it was just left on the ground. She needed it up on cinder blocks due to steps inside were just hazardous. No way I could have lifted it and got blocks underneath myself so found this guy. Hoping for the best I ordered it. Turned out to be just completely awesome. One side at a time and boom I got it raised for her. Was a bit of a booger due to it sliding entire porch with only one side jacked up. But once both sides were up it settled in nicely. Tracking was accurate and rather quick. First time using Vevor and it was a great and easy transaction.
W. Milota W. Milota
Sidewalk raising.
I was trying to raise a sidewalk with it. It just kept sinking. Not the products fault. Just amazing how much these sidewalks weigh. I suppose if you had more patience than I, you may be able to get it to work. Dropped $650 for someone to come out and do it. I do plan to try this again for different other projects.

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