Small Footprint, Made My Ring Sparkle
This very small, tabletop jewelry cleaner is inexpensive and easy to store. It holds two or three small jewelry items, or a pair of glasses, but not much else. You also want to be careful to not overload the small cleaning tub, because jewelry can get tangled or damage each other during cleaning. You also don't want to use it on soft gemstones or pearls, any stone with a visible inclusion (the heat could cause it to split), or costume jewelry.This is pretty fast, only taking a couple minutes for its cycle. You can buy cleaning solution or easily make your own with hot water (preferably distilled), a dash of ammonia and a tiny amount of dish soap. You can also use hot water only, but it won't be quite as effective. After cleaning you want to rinse your jewelry with cool tap water, to remove loosened dirt, and dry completely.This doesn't have any settings, it's one size fits all cleaning with a short cycle (the instructions say five minutes, but it's much shorter than that) that can be repeated, if needed. It doesn't heat the water, so make sure you put it in that way (you want it hot to the touch, but not boiling) and it makes a bit of noise, though not much. It left my rings sparkling and seemed worth the small investment of time and storage space. Low hassle and good results.
HJeffK HJeffK
Works well.
Read the other reviews here as there appears to be some quality issues with this cleaner. However, the one I got works well. I did buy some good cleaner for it. A splash of that and a few minutes later, we had clean jewelry. The price is right and it seems well made overall. At least the unit I received.
Dzilizi Dzilizi
Instructions are in another language
So, it is easy to use this. Plug it in, put some solution in it, and hit the button. It buzzes for somewhere between 2 and 5 minutes, and then is done. You can always run it again if you feel the need. I ran some of my jewelry in it and they came out nice and sparkly. I just mixed some warm water and Dawn dishwashing soap, based on a search of what to make solution out of.Because the instructions aren't in English, I do recommend verifying what you want to clean can be cleaned in one of these machines. Additionally, you can purchase solution or make your own. So far, it is doing what it is supposed to do.

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