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cbilodeau cbilodeau
It's working. My batteries charged rapidly.
Got a good price for a 100A. Should be able to charge much faster my batteries without disturbing my neighbors.
Golf Cart Golf Cart
So far so good, nice little lightweight charger, would be nice if it had a longer cord. Works as advertised.
LS X Tuning LS X Tuning
Mighty Mite
For its size and price, this thing is big power, has not faulted or overheated once. Its being used to power a 500w amplifier and only at around 375-425 watts it started to clip and run hot due to supply voltage. A 2 farad cap is inline aswell.. after a better storage is installed (battery) this little ac-dc convertor should get me what i need and more.
Falesha Falesha
Wrong one
I’m sure the product is good it was just the wrong one
Kevin W. Crowley Kevin W. Crowley
Great replacement
A little scared at first because not enough instructions. But works great. Had to buy a charger port to modify my old cart but does a great job charging
Joshua Jones Joshua Jones
Does what it's supposed to, but I've never seen or heard the fan run once
Seems to be doing what it's designed for. As others have stated the plug for 12v is pretty much useless. My fan has never turned on, but the unit also isn't getting hot, nor are the 12v wires or the 110 plug in. (I installed it into our travel trailer via an outlet). It did have a weird smell for the first couple weeks, almost like hot electrical, but it went away. Seems to be working great. Doing it's job 5/5 installation 2/5 for the fact you have to hard wire the 12v.
A. Amat A. Amat
Excellent value.
The 36 volt fast charger that came with my golfcart finally failed. It didn't completely die.It instead was only able to trickle charge the batteries...which usually took about 3 days to go from 10% to 100 %After looking around at the outrageous prices demanded by the so-called specialty brand companies...(Honestly, it's a freaking battery charger)I decided to take a risk and pick up one of these generic off brand chargers.I settled on this one because it seemed too good to be true. And this is one of those situations where it truly was as good as it seemed. (So far)This charger is fast and is able to bring my 36 volt golf cart in about 1.5 hours from 30% to 100%The built-in numerical display is an awesome little addition although " fun fact" you can actually get this same exact charger without the numerical display for about 30 to $40 less.Build quality is pretty good. Small and semi-light...It takes a minimalistic approach in which the aluminum enclosure basically functions as the heat sink aided by a small 40mm fan.There's honestly not much to tell beyond the fact that it works perfectly.And this is with it living inside a non-air conditioned extractor fan only storage room.I will say this. The first one that I got, the numerical display began to misbehave a week after I got it. It's still functioned perfectly... Just some of the digits were a little wonky... Does that mean that you'll pick one up and have the same experiences I did? Possibly... But there's also the chance that you won't because that's the chance that we take when we purchased these low cost mass produced generic items.But that's what makes purchasing from Amazon prime great...if the first one you get fails you send it in for a in-place return and if the second one fails as well, you return it, get your money back and move on to something else...Luckily I didn't have to as this worked out perfectly.
Thomas Thomas
18A Splayed Plug 36 V
Replaced my 40 year old charger. Works great. Shuts off when charged. Had an unusual plug on old one. Changed it over to new charger- took about 10 minutes.
VEVOR Customer VEVOR Customer
18A Splayed Plug 36 V
Very quiet
Beth Beth
Good product, but with safety concerns.
I purchased the 55 amp version. I'm using this to charge lithium batteries for an ice house. I really do like the product, it is a good deal for the price. It really does provide the stated amperage, mine actually puts out 56.3A. Only a couple minor gripes.. The wires in general are quite short, both on the AC and DC side. The DC wires are thin 12AWG. On a critical circuit going to/from battery they should be at least 6AWG with anything >50 Amps. They get very hot after just 5-10 minutes use at full power. I will be upgrading them myself very soon. The grommets used are too small for the openings on the box, which allows for the wires to twist internally, this includes the AC power wire. Who knows what chaos could happen if your live AC wire became detached inside and grounded internally! I'll be trying to find a way to re-secure those as well. Other than those issues for a person with ability to fix them, it's a decent purchase.

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