Greg H. Greg H.
The flask seems to lose a great deal of heat so i use foil to insulate. Make sure to get a hot plate upto at least 300C. I'm using 190 proof medical grade ethanol. Great set for the price to get you started! I've got a hot plate/stirrer and a 90gph mini fish pump connected to the set as well, both are ordered separately. Otherwise everything you need is in the kit! Very happy with the products and customer service as well! They have been very prompt and attentive to any and all questions I've had thus far. Will update as this batch gets finished. Strongly recommend if your looking for a Chem set like this!
24/40 Organic Chemistry Laboratory Glassware Kit,32 Pcs,lab Chemilcal Unit
Mykle S Mykle S
Product as described
Product as described. Packed for shipping properly. Arrived quickly and in perfect condition. Would purchase from this seller again.
kierasdady kierasdady
Sweet deal.
This is a killer deal. The components are all top notch and the price is great. We have LOTS of fragrant flowers and herbs in our yard, so this will surely get a good workout. So far have just done roses. The only down sides are that there are no instructions of any kind. Not so much about the distilling, but I mean nothing to even show that parts are supposed to be in the kit and how they are intended to go together. Also, you'll need to buy a fountain pump to circulate the cooling water and plan to have a lot of ice handy. You'll need to keep the water really cold to keep the condenser working well. But overall, a great set.
Stephen Pospisil Stephen Pospisil
24/40 Organic Chemistry Laboratory Glassware Kit,32 Pcs,lab Chemilcal Unit
Bruce Allen Bruce Allen
You can't beat the value
Quality glassware at a rock-bottom price. No random "filler" glassware you will never use. All pieces are useful
Matthew Ward Matthew Ward
Awesome customer service
I ordered this kit and it arrived well packaged but after opening realized that the Graham condenser was broken. The customer service representative who took care of me well more than made up for my inconvenience and I won't buy glassware anywhere but here from now on.
Victor Williams Victor Williams
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Even though no written instructions come with the kit it is very customizable and can easily be adjusted to any laboratory needs it is long-standing choice.
Jay English Jay English
Great for candle making
This is a great entry-level distillation kit for extracting oils and such for candle making. The alcohol lamp works better than a cheap hotplate/stirrer I also bought. I would recommend also buying some clamps to hold the apparatus together better and make a better seal, but for the money this is a great buy.
Bonnie N Bonnie N
good value
Considering all the pieces of laboratory glassware included this is a good value. Unlike some reviews I had no problem with packaging, it was well packed. There was damage to one item, the Graham condenser, the coiled condensation tube within the enclosed cooling jacket was broken making it unusable, considering that this is a very fragile apparatus the damage is not surprising, the seller immediately offered a 35 dollar refund which I feel is fair compensation considering the entire kit was only 150 dollars and the other two included condensers were in good condition. If you have mission critical laboratory work to do you might want to look toward an American company for a higher level of quality control, but expect to pay a lot more. For the armchair experimenter/tinkerer /hobbyist this is good choice.
Trea Jones Trea Jones
Product arrived on time, no damage. Upon use the product worked as expected. I am overall satasified with my purchase - Bruce Jones

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