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Amanda Payne Amanda Payne
The plucker was delivered quickly, the box was a little beat up and the hardware had come open, so we had to play find the screws before getting started. The wheels were easy enough to put on, and it is easy to move around. Plugged it in and turned it on but nothing happened. Luckily my husband is an electrician, and after a little tinkering he discovered the on/off switch was wired incorrectly and fixed it. Once we got it going it worked great! We scalded and plucked 2 chickens at a time, average around 5 lb birds. Feathers were off in 30-40 seconds with no tearing of the skin. I kept the hose running over the birds while being plucked to help wash the feathers down into the hopper. It would get clogged up with feathers occasionally but it was easy to clear them out. We processed 25 chickens easily in no time at all. SO MUCH easier than hand plucking! It is a bit of an investment, but if you are thinking of regularly processing your own birds I would recommend it. We spent most of our lives as city folk and were able to figure it out.
Jim wells Jim wells
After dipping Turkey in hot water. The plucker makes the job so easy.
Used for turkeys and next week chickens
Lin Lin
Have not used plucker yet as the chickens are still being prepped. Purchase and delivery were very smooth and am looking forward to saving time with the plucker. Gave 4 stars for features and easy of use since I haven't used the plucker yet. Once used I will update the review.
Magan Miles Magan Miles
Good product
Beyond the fact the first one we ordered was lost in the mail, we did let them know and they shipped the replacement right away! There is no hose hookup, but works great. We were able to do 12 chickens in a breeze. Easy to clean but is heavy. Good for the price!
Karen A Karen A
my husband says best gift I got him
We raise our own meat chickens and butcher them ourselves. Before we used this chicken plucker, it would take us 3 plus hours to get four chickens ready for the freezer and it would take us at least half an hour to pluck the feathers out of one chicken.With this machine my husband was so impressed, he said it took about 30 seconds to a minute to pluck a chicken. Once the water got hot to dip the chicken in, it took about 2 hours to get 8 chickens plucked, cut up and wrapped ready for the freezer. We only done 8 a day because of the warm weather. Very good product. The only negative thing we could say is when my husband took the chicken plucker out of the box it was shipped in the machine was slightly dented, but did not have any effect on its performance.
Hannah Gutierrez Hannah Gutierrez
Absolutely fantastic!! We were able to put 3 Cornish cross in at a time. It saved so much time. An amazing investment!
Turkey Chicken Plucker Plucking Machine Poultry De-Feather 60cm Stainless Steel
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Edward Polzin Edward Polzin
Works great
The chicken plucker works great. Purchased 1 and there were very large dents in it. Box looked great. Returned it. Purchased second one, and again box looked great. Got it out and 1 of the wheels had fallen apart on it. Purchased new wheel and installed it. Item works great.
DirectMe2ThaShow DirectMe2ThaShow
Super easy
Featherless in 10 seconds! Only the tail had a few feathers left behind but we just cut our tails off. We only tried 1 bird at a time but it goes so fast no need to try more.
Inanna Inanna
So Far So Good
Arrived very quickly,was shipped in a wood framed box and arrived with no damage.Everything worked great. We just used it to defeather 11 meat birds in about 15 mins. Was very efficient and I'm glad I purchased it. The only thing that was a problem was the holes to put the wheels on were not drilled properly or not there at all,wasn't a big deal for me as I put mine in my garden cart to easily move it around so I ended up not needing the wheels.
Jcarg Jcarg
Will pay for itself in 50 chickens
Easy to clean, fast shipping, came in whole packaging, works like a charm! Can't ask for a better solution to the biggest time bottleneck to processing a homegrown fowl.

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