MWilkins MWilkins
Love it
Kinda hard to set heat temp but then it works perfectly
It doesn’t work
This item I really just started using it and it will not stay on. I bought a new part for it last week and it worked for one day and now it has started back cutting off it will not stay on. I just got this in February and I think I should have a replacement for it. Thanks
Connie Brown Connie Brown
Stopped working in 5 months
I brought it in December and it stop working last week in the middle if a project due the next day!
Carrie McGhee Carrie McGhee
Heat press works great. Very easy to use. Didn’t come with instructions. I had to google the instructions
Laura Wampler Laura Wampler
Great Product and Price Point
We purchased this as a beginner set but still use it today in our shop. Love the machine; it's been very durable.
Faye Willis Faye Willis
Love it.
I just got it and used it a few times. So far I just love it. Can't wait to use all of the attachments.
Mary Blakely Mary Blakely
Just got the heat press .. took it out the Box I can t figure out how to swing it away to put my shirt on it .. can someone help please
Angela Wagner Angela Wagner
8in1 360-degree Rotation Plate T-shirt Mug Mouse Pad Hat Cap Heat Press Machine
debbie meisner debbie meisner
8-1 15x15
really like it easy to use, had a small manual with it. but i need to order more of the cotton insulation pads, where can i get those?
Stacey Erdman Stacey Erdman
Love it.
I really like the heat press. It's easy to use but it came with very little instructions. I have not put together the extra attachments so far.

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