Customer Reviews

Ginger Cashman Ginger Cashman
above and beyond
This vendor went above and beyond. They sent me gloves to protect my hands from sharp edges and the cutters to cut the wire. I was blown away.
John morgan John morgan
Just what I needed
Good price and quality, also good packaging. Will order again.
Amazing long Amazing long
This is being used as a a trommel screen for sifting wood chip and compost. It has been getting hard wear for a couple months and is holding up very well.
plainoldjoe plainoldjoe
Perfect for closing in my Chickens Coop/Run area.
Perfect for closing in the coop "roof".(The holes in this hardware cloth would be to large if used anywhere else in the Coop as Raccoons could reach through and kill the birds.)
Memo's Fine Cabinetry inc. Memo's Fine Cabinetry inc.
Best material to secure enclosures
If you're looking to secure the enclosure to chickens, rabbits or other pets this is definitely the brand and material to get. The galvanized metal keeps predators from tearing through enclosures. I used this to reinforce the hutches for my bunnies, and so far no issues. Galvanized hardware versus the chicken wire is worth every penny!!
Brett Standifer Brett Standifer
Great product and fast arrival ordered twice to get more. Both arrived well and product easy to use and unpack.
Perfect for our needs
Easy to use and seems sturdy. Hopefully it will make it through several years of use.
Brian Horwath Brian Horwath
Bye bye to moles and voles in my garden
Stapled this to the bottom of my new raised garden beds. I think it will do the job to keep tunneling critters out.
Twin Mommy Twin Mommy
Great product
Bought this because the fence between my House and the neighbors house is a metal fence and our new puppy was so small that he could squeeze thru the bars. This was perfect and it blends in so well that you can barely tell it’s even there.
QsMom QsMom
Worked as expected. As a nuisance wildlife professional, I have seen some of the welding issues with various brands that other reviewers have mentioned, but no trouble with this order. Buried it against a shed to keep squirrels from digging underneath.
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