Customer Reviews

bill bill
Just what i needed for workability. Not too stiff as is other 16 gage fencing
Workability! Able to make it conform to the existing fence. Ued it to keep rabbits out of fenced in yard
Kristen Kristen
They gave more than I asked
You sent me wire cutters with my order and I didn't even ask. They were great and saved my hands from my old wire cutters! Thank you so much!!
Kellie silva Kellie silva
Commodity item, well made
I nearly went with another brand because a few of the reviewers were grumbling about some imperfection or another, real or imagined. People, it's hardware cloth! But I took a shot because MTB had a better price and, seriously, this is an everyday commodity item. Was every single square exactly 1/2" x 1/2", and comprised of four perfect 90
plainoldjoe plainoldjoe
Perfect for closing in my Chickens Coop/Run area.
Perfect for closing in the coop "roof".(The holes in this hardware cloth would be to large if used anywhere else in the Coop as Raccoons could reach through and kill the birds.)
William Bly William Bly
Great wire for price
No issues. It is great wire for the price and makes my chicken coop pretty predator proof. Did not have any issues of welds busting as another reviewer.
Memo's Fine Cabinetry inc. Memo's Fine Cabinetry inc.
Best material to secure enclosures
If you're looking to secure the enclosure to chickens, rabbits or other pets this is definitely the brand and material to get. The galvanized metal keeps predators from tearing through enclosures. I used this to reinforce the hutches for my bunnies, and so far no issues. Galvanized hardware versus the chicken wire is worth every penny!!
John morgan John morgan
Just what I needed
Good price and quality, also good packaging. Will order again.
Perfect for our needs
Easy to use and seems sturdy. Hopefully it will make it through several years of use.
Blanca Blanca
Good fencing
I liked everything about this fencing except the price. I used it to keep my dogs out of our plants. I made 2' dia circles out of one roll and garden bed fences out of another. It cut easy with the supplied cutters. I really liked this and will order again. Please drop the price though.
Fence Fence
Great Fencing Option
The fence is stout and easy to work with. A great option to keep rabbits and deer out of my Vevor raised garden beds.
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