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Lars Lars
Great product came quickly was a little problem and they took good care of me. Like there website and you can't beat the prices
Beezhjack Beezhjack
Smooth and dependable for double and single use
I am amazed how excellent this unit works. I had a couple of applications, and one was double acting with a 12" lift cylinder. That worked perfectly and quietly. Holds the pressure and has no issues. The other application was a single acting punch. In this application it was very easy to tap into one of the valves only and connect another momentary switch. Then I use only one side of the pump to operate the punch cylinder and then briefly hit the new switch to operate the valve only and release the pressure and the spring returns the punch back home. The price was right and the quality is right up there. Very happy with the purchase
Ed Ed
Haven't installed yet will return when I do to give a proper review.
joe joe
Pump for log lift
I purchased this pump off of Vevor's site, but it is the same thing. I used this to make a log lift on a non-hydraulic logsplitter. Turned out great and the pump works nicely with a deep cycle battery. As others have mentioned, the fittings it comes with are a PAIN to find connectors for. The pump comes with metric 18mm x 1.5mm threads. Also comes with small SAE 6 connecters, that I did not use.In order to make this work with a hose that uses 1/2" JIC fittings, I used Brennan part number 7205-08-18 NWO-FG, and a M18x1.5 female union from Ebay to connect that to the pump fitting.I used AW32 hydraulic oil, and 4 AWG wires to connect to battery.Overall, the pump works great so far, and hard to beat it for the price.
Wrong fittings came with it.
The supplied flare fittings would not screw in( bad or wrong thread, had to buy new ones.
Brandon Brandon
Trailer mfg owner
Great power unit , SAME if not better than the other major brands we have done sample and pressure testing on all these and they preform well . We have recently been running into supply issues and after hearing about VEVOR we have made several purchases every power unit we have purchased works great and we will continue to use them on our trailer products !
We have installed more than two dozen of these last two years with no issues. Single or Double acting.
Double acting 12v hydraulic pump 4 quart steel tank.
I purchsaed this pump for a 12 foot tilt trailer that had a valve on the ram going port to port a manual setup. I read a lot of reviews and I was worried about a lot of people having problems with trying to find some non standard British fittings. It came in the box with 4 fittings. I removed the ones in the pump replaced them with the other provided. I made two hoses up for exact fit. Everything I used was power steering ram fittings. Welded a piece of flat bar 2"x3/8 8" long to the frame for mounting. I bolted the pre threaded pump block with M10-1.5x35MM to the welded flat bar. The the port coming out of the relay valve with the red knob on it is the pump (up) button and the other side of the block is the the (down). I adjusted the pump so it would not over pressure up or down, so it would bypass at a reasonable pressure. It lifted 2800Lbs with ease. The unit was properly prewired. All of the electrical stud contacts had to be torqued. Be carful the isolated relay contactor is a cheaper one but sufficient for the load. I Used two number 2 wire with no voltage drop at 3' long. Pump is fast. I installed some baffles on the hoses at A-B outputs to tame it down little. I dont think the solenoid and relays are water proof. If this thing will be exposed to weather I would build a cover over the pump electronics. I have only ran it 30-40 times to soon to tell if it will last. Good design well made product for the money. Unit came packaged good.
larry c tuell larry c tuell
ports are not SAE#6 as described, they appear to be M12x1.5 Metric.
Doesn't use standard fittings. Made it hard to hook up.
shane eastburn shane eastburn
Good pump works as it should
This pump will only hold one direction. I you're looking for a push pull hold both ways it will not work, if you reverse your lines, it will fall

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