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Kirpa Welding Kirpa Welding
Good enough
While it's not the flashiest stand out there, it is certainly competent enough for casual use. The instructions weren't as hard to follow as I was led to believe. The only flaw with them was the fact that it doesn't tell you the correct bolts to use for each section, but a little common sense and "winging it" got it built to its proper quality. It's sturdy, easy to adjust, and the quality of material is fine. Overall well worth it for being the cheapest option.
Joshua Mike Joshua Mike
Great build quality, but SUPER light
Has great build quality, being a nice metal, but it's super lightweight and can easily be ripped.
chuskey89 chuskey89
Great Quality for the Price
Sure there are "better" rigs out there, but they are all twice the price of this model and most of them do not even come with a chair, like this model does. I am very happy with my purchase. It went together easy. and since the chair section of the frame can easily be detached usign the thumbscrews it is very versatile in playing and also storing when im not using it. I have already recommended this product to my racing buddies.
vernon hearn vernon hearn
Good stand for the money
This is a great wheel stand for a great price. if i’m being completely honest, the people complaining about lack of instructions/unclear instructions are living proof that some of humanity exists solely off of luck. the instructions are so easy to read! i had this stand built in 20 minutes and configured to my desired height, wheel, shifters, and pedals attached in another 10 minutes. Please do yourself a favor and buy this wheel stand. they even included hardware to mount my logitech G923 Wheel, Logitech Shifter, and pedal set to the stand!
Daniel Carlson Daniel Carlson
Key item
The stand is a must have for the wheel, shifter, & pedals. It adjust somewhat easily and seems to be good quality. It’ll probably last longer then the items attached to it
Roberto Roberto
Rifiutato pagamento 2 volte.
Niente da dire.
IntimacyGel IntimacyGel
Very slick and great performance considering small package
assembles just fine, looks great. Plenty of options and angles. I will say its very difficult to raise and lower the height
andrew d. andrew d.
Very sturdy
John McRae John McRae
Would recommend
Been using for while now and its sturdy and has everything you need. Wobbles a little if you go crazy but its pretty sturdy overall. Would recommend makes a big difference versus just having pedals on floor and sterring wheel and shifter on a table. Instructions werent the best but its all pretty self explanatory
Rodolfo Rodriguez Rodolfo Rodriguez
Definitely missing something
The assembly guide for this is completely horrendous. It’s just a single page with faded out pictures of the zoomed out product. This made it near impossible to see where goes where with what screw. If you pick this up, know you’ll be needing reference photos from others and experimenting which goes where which is basic. It’s a sturdy product but a hassle to assemble as I’m sure I’m possibly missing screws.
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