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Joseph DePizzo Joseph DePizzo
Quality product easy to assemble, and adjust. It is a great price too. Have seen comparable set-ups at twice the price.
Duffy888XXZX Duffy888XXZX
Ordinary American Consumer
This is just what I needed for my steering wheel (under $200) set I bought myself for the holidays for the quality is top notch and will most likely fit any steering wheel set I believe someone could easily think outside the box. But mainly the reason I happened on Vevor was that this manufactuer of this product in a search of the internet you will find that this is the cheapest price from all other sites you may buy on the internet and sites varied from $20, $30 and $40 plus. So buy from Vevor I received in the same amount of time and free shipping as any other site also.
Rob Rob
Worked great
For the price this worked out great for my Logitech G920. I’m also able to switch it out with a flight stick. It’s sturdy enough for diving games.
Kar Kar
Good quality
Great stand for the wheel
Kayo Kayo
Strong build, wobbles a little, and folds with a catch.
Instructions could be better but its not hard with a little common sense. Build quality is pretty good and I don't expect it to bend or anything. It does wobble a bit, especially when shifting but I kind of expected that just by looking at it.My main gripe is that while folding the main piece is easy and can be done by hand what they don't mention is the shifter doesn't. That's my main gripe with it. The shifter needs to be removed completely, every time, and you'll need the tools to remove it. Every. Time. Furthermore, you'll have to store the screws for that shifter somewhere and hope you don't lose them for next time. (Or tape a bag to it to hold the screws.)
Devin Jones Devin Jones
Extremely hard to put together, but good once you’ve got it together.
Very hard to put together. The boats I’ll come in a plastic bag with no labeling. You’re basically guessing how long something else. I had to take the bolts out and put them back in like five times. With that said it’s definitely nice quality and sturdy.
Seth S. Seth S.
Instructions leave a lot to be desired but my 14 year old was able to figure it out and get it all set up. I like that they have many holes pre drilled so you can mount your steering wheel, pedals, and shifter to it so they can’t slide around.
Alejandro Hidalgo Alejandro Hidalgo
Great value
Works as supposed - good product
Chris hopper Chris hopper
Loving it
Very simple to put together took about 1hr and very sturdy thank you would buy again

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