Joe Joe
Fence works great, posts could be more robust.
The fence works well. The posts aren't very robust. The posts pull our of the base easily, which I find to be a plus, because when they break, they are easily replaced. However, it would be nice if they were more durable. I add a support post between every 2rd and 4th post, and use the stakes and non-conductive cord to pull the corners taught.
Cindy Wright Cindy Wright
Great for temporary fencing
We are using two of these connected for our two cows during our move while we get their permanent fencing completed. They were easy to put up and have kept them safely contained for a month now. We used a t-post on the outside of each corner to pull it tight, it did sag a bit before installing the t-posts. We plan on using this to move the goats around after we get the cows situated.

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