Customer Reviews

mikey8031 mikey8031
This product seem to be well made. I ;used it to bend 1" OD diameter stainless tubing.
Shopper#1 Shopper#1
Heavy item I didn't have to go break my back buying at a brick and mortar.
As expected, well built,
co-186 co-186
Well built
Seems great.
Arkady Svist Arkady Svist
Good bender
A little heavy but really good. I bent 1 1/2" IMC pipe 90 degrees but didn't like result. Rigid pipe was better (both bends were without using send). Maybe it's better to include in description about IMC pipes. Another suggestion is to use longer stick for pumping press - it'll be much easier. Anyway, 5 stars
jmed3380 jmed3380
Would buy again
Amazon Customer Amazon Customer
Sobladora de tubo
El articulo es super bueno lo recomiendo
Gylliamb Gylliamb
Works great!!William Bailey
Using it right now to make a swing arm for a project 3 wheel bike with a 420cc motor. Good purchase WB
scott sabo scott sabo
Bends pipes easy
The Product works perfect i used it on a 1 inch roll cage and it bent it with ease
twoquickforyou twoquickforyou
You should know!
This will not bend thin wall materials without kinking it. (Unless you keep sliding the material and creep up on the radius which would be slow and inconsistent in high production). It did work very well with 1 inch black gas pipe at full 90 degrees without any issues.
hawk4531 hawk4531
Do not order from this company it's terrible I'm sitting here looking at my pipe bender I just got today all the guys are missing it didn't come with
Haribo company the box is all ripped and tore up and taped didn't get the rest of the pieces that I need to use it
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