H. Tripp H. Tripp
Great Value
I used this as a base to build what I needed. I rewired it and added a reversing switch so I could use to perforate pages that I didn't want perforated all the way across and then reverse back out. Added a variable speed foot control -- really needs this. Disassembled the machine and removed the the creasing and cutting wheels and added 4 perforating wheels (5 total). The motor labors a little bit at low speed using the variable speed foot control with this many perf wheels so I may go to a higher torque motor. This was due to my modifications as the motor as shipped is fine for using it the way it was intended. Was a little bit of a learning curve adjusting everything out but once you get the hang of it not a problem. This machine is not for people who are not mechanically inclined or expect plug and play. It does exactly what I need it to do and once I understood how to adjust it works great -- I couldn't be happier.
Lea Schofield Lea Schofield
Fast delivery-well made product!
Delivery was prompt! And the product is fantastic!! I can now create my own menu books for our restaurants.

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