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Ferrino Funak Ferrino Funak
Well build machine with durable components. Worth avery penny, perfect for my little pizzas. I would hghly recommend. Matching overprised competition with ease.
Sonia Day Sonia Day
Portable Pizza Oven- Instructions Could Use An Upgrade
This is our first pizza oven so a more thorough set of included instructions of what exactly to do and what not to do would have been very helpful for me personally. I also wish the instructions were a bit more clear on removing the film and how many pieces may actually have the film on them in case I missed anything. I'm going to take the time to remove the film left over underneath the rivets because I don't want the plastic to melt onto the stainless steel. Another trivial thing I wish that the instructions listed what exactly you could use to heat the oven so that I didn't have to go back to the Amazon page to look. While the gloves, pizza cutter, and giant pizza spatula are appreciated since we did not already have those within our household, they are not the best quality as other reviews mentioned, but like I said, they are still appreciated so that we did not have to go out and purchase these. Since the oven did come with those extra bonus items, I am surprised that it did not come with a sample of the type of wood pellets needed to get this pizza oven up to baking status. Wood pellets aren't a normal household item for us, unlike the charcoal we have for our grills, so I will have to add that to our inventory to get this thing fired up correctly. To be continued!
E_Marie E_Marie
Assembly was somewhat hard. There wasn’t really instructions and there Was a missing piece, but we got it working. You have to constantly fill the hopper with fuel and the stone doesn’t get as hot as you want it to get.
Amazon Customer Amazon Customer
My first review of anything on Amazon
First time using, extremely easy to use. Was able to get coal going, let it run for a bit and held temp just fine. If you’re having issues with temp it’s probably user error.Pizza came out nicely, was able to keep steady temp between 600-700 degrees.Really excellent pizza oven.
A Persnickety Cat A Persnickety Cat
Easy to assemble!
I was a little worried at first because the directions were pretty vague, but after looking at the parts - it's a super simple and intuitive assembly. I honestly can't imagine paying $$$ for some of the other name brands you see floating around on social media after having used this one. There is no automated pellet hopper, but quite frankly, I can't see the need for one with a pizza oven given how quickly you are cooking with it. Pizza cooks fast in an oven like this, and it's easy to burn if you've never used a high heat open fire like this before. My best advice is to "test dummy" a few crusts with no toppings so you can get a feel for how fast and how long you need to go.
Ashe Ashe
Easy to use
While this gas Pizza Oven does not offer the yummy Wood fired taste, it is quick and easy and it makes pizza taste much better than just putting it in the oven. It was easy to set up and use right out of the box. We can finally have yummy pizza at home
Helios Family Helios Family
Assembly takes time , medium quality
- instructions are not very clear, it took sometime for me to assemble- quality is medium, reasonable for the price- overall basic outdoor pizza oven . Useful for someone who wants to experience
Nebti17 Nebti17
Loads of fun...
This oven is a fun project to make and use with your kids. We have friends who have fancy, expensive outdoor pizza ovens. This is not that. But it's fun and it works, and the investment of time in putting together and learning to get the right temperature makes it a family learning adventure.The oven is somewhat hard to put together because of sketchy instructions, but the project yields to persistence. Don't obsess over extra screws. You'll probably have them too. Built, this is a tough little oven.Use pellets. They seem to be the best heat source.
Dwayne Medlin Dwayne Medlin
Good portable oven, not an easy assembly
This oven is pretty good overall . The assembly instructions are very vague. There are many details that are left out or left to common sense. Peeling of the packing film on all of the pieces is a must but the instructions do not mention it. Overall once assembled, the oven is good and portable. It uses wood pellets from a typical smoker grill (thats what I have and use). Heat distribution is good and cooks well with a smoke flavor. I keep this in the RV to use when we go camping and it’s a hit!
kittybiscuits kittybiscuits
wood fired pizza!
Assembly wasn't too bad, but be careful of sharp edges. The pizza oven itself seems to be pretty well made, but the included accessories (pizza cutter and oven mitts) are very cheap although functional. Personally I'd rather they didn't even include them because the quality is so low it isn't even worth keeping them as backup items for what I already own. The stone is fine though.I have never used a pizza oven before, so it was an adventure! I used hardwood charcoal which ended up being a poor choice. I was not able to get the oven above 700 degrees, which I think was likely because the charcoal pieces were just too big so I couldn't stuff enough of them in. I went ahead and cooked a couple pizzas at 700 degrees and they did turn out yummy though. You'll need a pizza peel, which is not included. Also I was worried about putting this on a plastic table, but it actually stays surprisingly cool underneath.While the instructions say you can use wood, charcoal, or pellets, I suspect pellets will be the optimal fuel. Whichever you use, it is easy enough to load and get started. I am going to use pellets next time and I suspect that will help with my temp issues - I'm attributing those problems to user error at this point, but if I have problems even with the pellets I will come back and update. From what I've read, using a pizza oven takes some trial and error though so for a first attempt it really wasn't too bad! Looking forward to trying again.

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