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Warren Warren
Wiorks on a 3 foot round fire pit.
Liked the size so i could move food to the sides to keep warm while cooking other things
cory cory
Good for fire pit
Works good for laying over fire pit to make mountain pies. Cooks even.
sam dickran sam dickran
Okay Grill
This grill is okay. I got the non-folding version hoping it would be more sturdy and it definitely held up for me, but I was just cooking for two. It was fine for burgers and a side and even for a pot of water to make coffee as seen in the pictures. I had no issues with peeling as other reviews mentioned but it definitely does bow in the middle when it has any weight on it/is in the fire. I got this because a local campground we visit doesn’t have their own fire pits on site and our home fire pit doesn’t have a grill, so it suits my needs for our occasional visits there. If you’re looking for one for more regular use or to cook for a large group, I would definitely recommend going for one of the $50-70 versions with the reinforced cross on the back as those are likely sturdier.
Amazon Customer Amazon Customer
Great for jumbo joe grill!!
Great for making burgers and tacos a must to have !
Mike Dail Mike Dail
Vevor 18'' Replacement Bbq Grill Griddle Grate Griddle Grill With Center Grate
Julia Morrow Julia Morrow
Derick Henderson Derick Henderson
works as intended
This grate has been a hit for our neighborhood. We use it every weekend to cook on. It's not very thick so I do have concerns about longevity. Also it's prone to surface rust. For these reasons I gave it a 4 star rating
Matthew Smith Matthew Smith
I like this a lot
For the price I like this a lot.I have noticed that I have to learn how to grill differently because airflow is different and unless you put the coals directly under the plate, the plate does not get very hot.I use a vortex in the center and I use a stainless dog bowl to cover the vortex when I want to suppress the temp. It works like a charm I can regulate the internal temperature from 350F down to 225F in a matter of seconds. This is huge! if you know anything about BBQ temp regulation and pushing the temp back down once it is high is very difficult and can ruin you BBQ because it got to hot.Furthermore I can add more coals the vortex whenever I need without any fuss because I have direct access to it and I can regulate the temperature with the dog bowl plate over the vortex. So anyone who also BBQs knows that adding coals almost always throws the temperature off.Finally using the dog bowl method I can pull the lid off my grill and do whatever I want but the temperature stays the same because the oxygen in being regulated by the lid of the bowl rather than the lid of the grill.In conclusion my BBQ is cooking very even and it is turning out better than ever.Also I have been using a 6" smoker tube that fill with pellets and toss into the vortex, it gives me a bout 1 hour of solid smoke and seems plenty for most cooks.
Howard Faribanks Howard Faribanks
Perfect solid steel griddle
Griddle fit perfectly. I ordered the size for my XL Big Green Egg and it just dropped right in.Super thick, solid steel and really robust build. Edges were clean and no roughness to them. The middle grill part of the griddle fit perfectly, tight but easy to put in, so top-notch build quality.Also, this thing was half the price of competing models. It was even less than a local fabricator said he would charge for a round steel of the same thickness with the edges smoothed and an insert in the middle, so really happy with it.I seasoned with crisbe cast iron seasoning puck and worked perfect. Food slides right off.

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