Markus Muetschard Markus Muetschard
review of the review
My first review was based on a 20..25% load because I did not have the battery capacity yet... With 200+Ah I did now some testing: 2200 is best what I get... after that it goes right into into overload / over current and turns off... B) Temperatur management - cooling - seems to be kind-a absent: device goes into over temperature before the fans / cooling starts... and this with 30..35A / about 33% load only, but continuously (in a cool, ventilated place). ----- Since no time to return and re-source - and it was out of stock - I took a closer look. Guess what: the board is marked So no surprise it gave way at 2200W. There two (2) temp sensors (NTC): 1. Temp sensing is on heat sink on low side. Even SLOW rising temp (sinking resistance of the NTC) sends device right into over temperature without turning on the fans first. 2. Temp sensing is on one of the three (3) transformers and that sensing did not turn the fans on either. At one time though the device got confused and ran the fans full AT ALL times, right from connecting the device, even when it was 'cold' after being disconnected for hours. Moving on with own temp sensing in three (3) places: low and high side sinks and transformer using Dallas DS18B20 and PWM fan control w/ MC w/ BLE connection for monitoring I have now a 2000W continuously working device. Another things that bothers: input voltage shows one 1V too high... and there is no instructions how to calibrate. --- I still think it is a good device for a reasonable price (when you know what you do). Electronic components and manufacturing look as expected (The only issue I could see: some low resistance resistors in the low side are a bit discolored from heat... use of higher rated version would fix this issue). --- Suggestion to the manufacturer: the monitor panel should be a separate, square plate to be mounted in the front panel either for horizontal or vertical mounting of the device.

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