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It does what it is supposed to do.
Great kettle for the price. Built in thermometer works well.
Nicholas Brown Nicholas Brown
One boil in...
Nice kettle. Need to fine tune the bulkhead to stem a very small leak. Seems to be built well and couldn't beat the price. I kinda wish I had splurged for a model with etched volume markings, though.
karla karla
Good enough for the price
This item is just as described. Very light, but heat comes thru, so have to be careful not to burn myself whenever I use it. Overall, not bad for the price.
Roux AM Roux AM
GOOD POT! but not 45gallon.
A nice pot for the price tag. Big and shiny. A little thin on the Ss gauge. maybe a #22. Handles seem well welded, need to screw the lid handle. Thermometer and bulkhead work well. So far in happy with my purchase. The only down side is that I don't think is really a 45gal. They calculate the volume for a perfect cylinder. But this pot got a couple of curves and the upper diameter it's a little bigger than the bottom diameter. A brew a 17 gallon batch and it almost half full instead of a third. My calculation is this this pot it's around 41gallons. Good enough for 30gallon batches .
jon jon
Clam bakes,no basket!
It needs a basket for the inside!
Janice E. Durham Janice E. Durham
Good value
It works for the reason we bought it, to cook Dungeness crab!
Cynthia Bailey Cynthia Bailey
Great pot for making syrup
My son used it to make maple syrupBoiled down 50 Gallons of sapWorked great
178 Qt Kettle Brewing Stock Pot + Thermometer Home Commercial Solid Construction
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