Customer Reviews

Mary Johnson Mary Johnson
Surprisingly good quality!
This drill bit storage drawer is top quality. I was going to buy Huot, but they reportedly have plastic dividers. This box from Vevor has welded in steel dividers. It is really pretty heavy weight too, not flimsy at all. This the 1st, waiting for the other 2 boxes to arrive (fraction, #, letter drills).I never write reviews but wanted to let people know this is good quality... actually got a washdown enclosure from Vevor and its really nice too.
Mark Trujillo Mark Trujillo
Good product for a fair price
Good go Organizing drillbits
Patrick Patrick
Great lock
Easy to organize drill bits and drill bit cubbies are large enough to get larger fingers in to pull out the desired bit
skycowboypaul skycowboypaul
A great splicing machine!
Awesome little drill bit drawer/cabinet. Keeps all my drill bits organized and is a space saver. I'd buy it again.
Brian Makemson Brian Makemson
good item
Great way to organize drill bits so they are easily accessible.
Patrick Patrick
Excellent heat transfer press
Made of heavy steel with a good coat of paint. The drawer compartment dividers are steel and are sealed at the bottom of the drawer so the smaller drill bits can’t go underneath. I am very pleased with this drawer set. Well worth the money.
Bucofelix Bucofelix
Easy to find
Love this I go to look for my different bits and they are right there not stacked on top of each other. Very easy to find now.
Joe Rex Joe Rex
Good item
Been kicking a round the idea of purchasing these types of storage for my drills and end mills. Bought them and very happy. They are made well, solid mounted steel dividers, quality drawer rollers. Heavy duty. If the dimensions of the bit were raise lettering on the steel drawers themselves, would be overther top.
Ed Ed
Great value
I don't normally write product reviews but after reading some mixed reviews on these and then purchasing these I felt I should.Cabinets arrived promptly and with no issues. Quality of cabinet was much better than I anticipated. A couple labels weren't exact but for the money, These are a no brainer. Buy them. You will like them. That's my opinion.
Charles A. Crane Charles A. Crane
simply awesome
I ordered 3x of these. The letter, the number, and the fractional versions. My machining bench is much more organized now. It is good quality, sturdily built, and handy to use. The drawers work fine.
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