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Jay G. Linn Jay G. Linn
Better than expected
This is not thin Guage steel, it's pretty sturdy arrived intact, slides work nicely. I expected less and am very excited happy with it. A little bigger than a tackle box.
John S John S
Good product
Some of the labels have wrong sizes on them. Overall a good value
BusyBme BusyBme
Super Sturdy
My husband received this as a Christmas gift and we are both so happy with the quality! It is heavy-weight and sturdy, the drawers roll well and it is a very good looking addition to his workshop.
Mike Eggeman Mike Eggeman
Very thin metal but good enough
Only reason I gave this a 4 star is because it is made of cheap thin metal. This item does do what it says, but the drawers could come out a little further and the slides could be a little better quality. Overall, not a bad item. I would purchase again if I needed another one.
Mr Pants Mr Pants
Great Product
Very heavy duty. It came with a few bent drawer fronts due to it probably being dropped in shipping. I didn't send it back because I'm not a "Karen" and I like a good patina on my things. Even after the drop it didn't effect the way the drawers work, nor chip the paint. A total Karen would've probably sent it back but this thing is tough. Finally something built well and can take a licking. Great job!
Erich Keane Erich Keane
good drawers, mistakes on labels!
The metal drawers and slides themselves are really great. The stamping however does NOT have the foot spots in the top like a Hout, so stacking requires putting something between them.Also, the labels are terrible, printed paper stickers that get dirty and destroyed easily. They even have a typo in at least 1 place (13 /31, not 32!) Which is comical.Otherwise a good quality drill index.
gregory gregory
Thought this was going to be cheap and flimsy it���s heavy and sturdy will be going on my wall as soon as I make space ordered two more immediately
Todd D. Todd D.
Great, but..
These are fantastic for what they cost. (1/2 the price of the Hout they copy) They are HEAVY and have plenty of room for many extra drill bits.Issues:1- as others have mentioned, the paint is the typical slippery/bumpy import paint and there are no feet on the bottom, nor indents on top for stacking. Use some non-slip pad.2- the dividers are hammered in place before welding and as such, leave a very sharp burr. Need to gently file so as not to cut fingers.3- printed labels are meh... and crooked. Some of the decimal markings are wrong, but they supply blank tape, ir use a label maker.4- the drawer slides are cheaper rollers and though they work fine, they are a little wiggly side to side.
tom tom
Cabinets should have resets on top and bottom so the cabinets would nest to each other instead of sliding around. Other than that very good units.
TheSpecialist TheSpecialist
Best drill bit organizer!
I bought this hoping to get myself better organized. When it arrived, it definitely did not disappoint! The cabinet and draws were really well made and very sturdy. The only minor thing was that these drawers didn't come with any feet to keep it from sliding around on the counter. But that wasn't anything a quick trip to the local hardware store couldn't fix for a couple bucks. Overall, very good value.

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