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AnneL AnneL
Great Cages
I bought 10 packs twice. I do plan to use some of them for tomatoes, but I am using a lot of them for new apple trees and other trees I just planted. My husband likes the cows to mow the lawn so I needed these to protect the trees. The cows do tilt the cages, but the tree is unharmed. These tomato cages are stainless steel and sturdy. They fold right around a tree or tomato plant and hook together to make a square around the plant. The cage in the photo is around a small apple tree in front of the bee hive.
VEVOR Tomato Cages Plant Support Cages 3Pack Square Steel 3.3FT Green for Garden
Young Young
Good and sturdy
It is good. It could made to 12" or larger, but 11" is still ok.
Non Stop Horizon Non Stop Horizon
Easy to setup in a variety of ways
We're using these for beans, cucumbers, and small melon plants. The trellises were super easy to setup. It's nice that they are so configurable. In the winter, the trellises will be moved to the greenhouse for use in the raised beds.
Non Stop Horizon Non Stop Horizon
Can configure in multiple ways for flexibility
Stakes come in 16.5" lengths that can be added together using the tube connectors. They snap together solidly and don't slip apart. I'm using a patio planter for tomato, pepper and squash plants. Using 4 stakes for the 2 tomato plants and reinforced with the crossbars. I wanted more support for the stakes because the stakes are limited to the depth of the planter and I was concerned that it wouldn't be enough to adequately anchor the cage. I tied the plants to the stakes and everything is holding nicely. Lengths of stake could be added later if the plants become taller than expected.
J. C J. C
Supported Plants
I'd let my plants get too large. Holding up the plant to "plant" the wire supports was the hardest part of installation. I feel so much better now with the storm coming thru this evening. Support your plants!
Soaring spender Soaring spender
I love these steaks for flowers
These work great.
Travel_photographer Travel_photographer
Just what I wanted
Nice size and very sturdy. They were perfect for my large planters.
Liliia Liliia
Makes such a difference in my garden
This product keeps my tall flowers upright. Wind, rain and watering don
Phillip Paulson Phillip Paulson
Withstood some heavy storms
The cages were very easy to install, strong wire that withstood the pressure applied to get them deep into the ground. We have experienced some heavy rainstorms here in Minnesota this year. The cages have stood strong through all of them. Because of the shape it has been fairly easy keeping the tomato plants inside the cages. So far they have met my expectations.
Non Stop Horizon Non Stop Horizon
Adjustable at every stage of growth
I used this in addition to a tomato cage after the plant had outgrown the cage. I have one container plant with cherry tomatoes and another with large heavy tomatoes. The design enabled me to build the cage around the plants and successfully expose the tomatoes to more light--although now the resident chipmunk is having a field day. I made the cherry tomato cage taller than recommended but it's holding up well. The design will also allow for easier storage, overall a must have for container tomato plants :)
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