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The work
Be mindful that they are square so they won't work well in big round pots. They were sturdy to hold up my dahlias in NE storms.
Jeffrey H. Jeffrey H.
Nice big basket, Fold for storage
These supported my tomato’s well but now that they are done I am loving how easy they are to store. I wish I had these years ago.
Bonnie Stampp Bonnie Stampp
High quality product.
Great value for the price! Strong support for tomato plants.
Donna Berry Donna Berry
Good product for the price.
These work so much better than the round ones found in most garden centers. Time will tell is the last more than one season.
Paul Perreault Paul Perreault
Just the right product for the job
This was bought specifically to shore up two Mother-in-law Tongue plants that are older, and they work perfectly as imagined.
Brenda Quach Brenda Quach
Great for keeping plants looking nice
My plants look awesome & love growing so much they needed a little help keeping them contained. I love the look & they are very sturdy.
Lynette O. Lynette O.
Good Support For Monstera
Got these for my 6" monstera that's been thriving & sprouting a ton of new growth recently. I was using wooden dowels & wire before but that wasn't supportive enough. Not quite ready to repot & do a moss pole, so these worked perfectly to give it the support it needs! The green blends in nicely too.
Phillip Paulson Phillip Paulson
Withstood some heavy storms
The cages were very easy to install, strong wire that withstood the pressure applied to get them deep into the ground. We have experienced some heavy rainstorms here in Minnesota this year. The cages have stood strong through all of them. Because of the shape it has been fairly easy keeping the tomato plants inside the cages. So far they have met my expectations.
Liliia Liliia
Makes such a difference in my garden
This product keeps my tall flowers upright. Wind, rain and watering don
Young Young
Good and sturdy
It is good. It could made to 12" or larger, but 11" is still ok.

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