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IntimacyGel IntimacyGel
Very slick and great performance considering small package
assembles just fine, looks great. Plenty of options and angles. I will say its very difficult to raise and lower the height
andrew d. andrew d.
Very sturdy
John McRae John McRae
Would recommend
Been using for while now and its sturdy and has everything you need. Wobbles a little if you go crazy but its pretty sturdy overall. Would recommend makes a big difference versus just having pedals on floor and sterring wheel and shifter on a table. Instructions werent the best but its all pretty self explanatory
Jeff Jeff
Can't beat it for the price
I have a Logitech G920 wheel and a base model Gt Racing chair and this stand serves all my needs. I'm not a super serious racer but for FM7, Assetto Corsa and Nascar Heat 5 this stand is very stable and on the carpet it doesn't slide or move even with the pressure it takes to hit the brakes on the G920.
Arnaldo Barrios Arnaldo Barrios
snow tire lift
Strong enough
Universal Racing Wheel Stand Kit Height & Angle Adjustable Steering Wheel Stand For Logitech, Thrustmaster & Fanatec
louie3366 louie3366
Excellent for a cheap racing arcade experience
This is solid to use, for the most part. I'm going to mount mine to a larger base that will include a chair to increase stability even further, but as is it's an extremely easy setup for getting a real racing feel in your living room.
this is me this is me
Easy to build
Great price and love the fact you can switch the shifter from each side
Frank V White Frank V White
For the price it’s worth it
For the price it’s worth it, I can honestly see my son was very happy with the finished product. Personal for me it was a bit more challenging to go over the Assembly instructions and it’s not so much because of the illustration it’s because the font size was really small her to get around then I took a picture of each step and I was able to increase the image on my cell phone. All in all it’s a great value against its competitors my take on it if you have a little bit a time and patience for assembling things definitely buy it you will enjoy it.
michel marois michel marois
Great product
Works great for my 9 year old son. Reviews said assembly was an issue. However we did not have this experience at all. My 18 year old and 9 year old assembled it with no issue or help from us.
Jacob Conner Jacob Conner
It's a winner!
Took me about an hour to put it together. It's not complicated. I'm sure I have some bolts in the wrong spots bc the instructions are not clear but they did help a little. Once you get your wheel and pedals on with all the bolts tightened down this thing does the job very well and is pretty stable. Only slight movement during heavy use. I'll definitely be able to win some races on Gt Sport using this thing.
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