Joshua Mike Joshua Mike
Great build quality, but SUPER light
Has great build quality, being a nice metal, but it's super lightweight and can easily be ripped.
Rodolfo Rodriguez Rodolfo Rodriguez
Definitely missing something
The assembly guide for this is completely horrendous. It’s just a single page with faded out pictures of the zoomed out product. This made it near impossible to see where goes where with what screw. If you pick this up, know you’ll be needing reference photos from others and experimenting which goes where which is basic. It’s a sturdy product but a hassle to assemble as I’m sure I’m possibly missing screws.
Mittens Mittens
Seems like a good stand!
I'd give the quality a B due to a couple holes not lining up correctly on the bottom part of the stand that holds the pedal. It isn't perfectly square so the holes do not line up perfectly. I couldn't get one screw in all the way. I hope it doesn't cause a problem only being a few threads in. The screws provided are very good though. Plans are a small challenge but I really didn't have much issue. I can feel it flex a bit, but then maybe I'm just too strong. :) We'll see how it holds up over time!!
Non Stop Horizon Non Stop Horizon
The sturdiness of the support for the shifter could be improved
I didn't like the sturdiness of the support for the shifter that tends to bend a little, being the metal a bit thin.
Non Stop Horizon Non Stop Horizon
My buddies and I are big car guys and love sim racing. My buddies have gone so far as to go to scarp yards, rip seats out of cars with the tracks, and build gaming rigs to race. I, however, am not as ambitious in my endeavors for sim racing. I decided to take a different approach and purchase this stand. I have to say that the material is much sturdier than I thought it would be, and is absolutely perfect for what I was looking for, and the price point is very affordable compared to other mounts and builds out there. If you are looking to go into the world of sim racing and you want to get a good feel for what it's all about, this frame is a good entry into that atmosphere.
Acceptable for TB Velocity One Flight
I got this stand for my Turtle Beach Velocity One Flight controller, the footprint is different to any Logitech or Thrustmaster steering wheel set, but the clamps matches the space for clamping your stuff. I had no issues on putting all together with the provided hardware and the instructions sheet that certainly is not clear at all, I separated the screws by size and without the need to measure them I could deduct which screw was the M8x22, M8x34 and so on. The only detail was that one of the side plates was noticeable bent inwards. I could not fit the detachable throttle quadrant of the V1F to the shifter plate due to it's size and footprint, so I decided to keep that attached to the yoke, it outstands about 4 inches off the base but it remains sturdy as it locks to the main yoke unit.
David Gifford David Gifford
Great for the price
Pretty decent build quality. Good adjustability. Ridiculously horrible instructions. Probably the worst instructions I've ever seen for anything ever. But if you look through the pictures online you should be able to figure it out. Great price and great fast shipping.
Chris Chris
Good seat for the money with some issues
I rolled the dice and ordered this cockpit after seeing a lot of inventory issues with other models. After getting it, it is apparent that this model is ~90% the same as the GT Omega Art. From a frame perspective, its very similar except for a spacer and some square nuts. The seat itself is the worst part of the kit - it is a vinyl seat that is very hot to sit in. The foam under the thin vinyl is kind of lumpy, and the slider on the seat only locks on the left side which makes the seat move some while playing. I will probably replace it with a cloth seat at some point. The included instructions are trash - if you need inspiration, find the assembly instructions for the GT Omega Art and they are very similar. I think the accessories are interchangeable as well.
Vevor Customer Vevor Customer
Must have for virtual reality driving games
Used for virtual reality driving gamesGuest intrigued when they see if, s AS lasts wanna try it out

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