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George Western George Western
Problems with the hose reel
The hose reel installed easily, and extends and retracts nicely. The only thing that I didn't like about it was that it does not have a standard hose-end. So I'm stuck with using the nozzles that came with it, and I cannot attach an extension to lengthen the reach of the hose.
D.J. D.J.
Great hose reel
I have used this style auto hose reel for years. I now have 3 of these and find them to be very functional and a great value. 50% less expensive than many on  ! I had an opportunity to work with their customer service team on a question and found them to be very responsive and efficient.
Aggro Aggro
Retractable Water Hose Reel
Very attractive, easy to wall mount, long hose with nice water sprayer included. I like everything about this device and the only reason that I didn't give it a 5 star rating is that the retracted hose will not extent or fully retract unless the hose is empty. The hose must be extended to the intended length prior to turning on the water and the hose cannot be fully retracted until the water pressure is released by turning the water off and keeping the sprayer in the on position. Other that that , this is retractor and hose are just what I hoped that it would be
Annette F. Crebs Annette F. Crebs
a great hose reel
This retractable hose box is pretty easy to use. The hose length is just perfect for my garden, the swiveling works well when positioning the hose. A nice product for watering flowers and plants.
Tracy Pena Tracy Pena
We LOVE this waterhose, easy to install/hang and makes watering plants/trees so easy without having to drag out the water hose and wind it back up. This retractable hose makes life so much easier and convenient!
Jon Iverson Jon Iverson
Exactly the retractable hose I needed!
We bought these for our house since we need to water the property alot. We have two, they are the best thing to have. You literally pull it and it reels right up. No more messing with a hose or trying to get it all rolled up. Makes watering flowers and the yard a breeze! Highly recommend

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