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Sharon McClements Sharon McClements
This tumbler press so far is fantastic! I've only had it a week but, I've produced 3 or 4 tumblers & they have turned out great. Thank you!
Sarah Wiler Sarah Wiler
Love my Mug Heat press
Love the display, so easy to read and easy to set time and temp. I've done 6 tumblers and they all have come out perfect!
Donna Conti Donna Conti
Easy to use and simple instructions! Made it a simple thing to do tumblers. Definitely will continue to order from this company
Vevor 30oz Tumbler Press
Great Value. I have only done a handful of tumblers so far, but the press has worked great everything. I look forward to using it more in the near future. The knob controls the time, temperature, and when pressed it stops the beeping.
Dolphins Dolphins
Just got it still waiting for my printer. Haven’t used it yet. Fast shipping. Will come back and and update later
Mike K Mike K
Great machine, poor instructions
I went back-and-forth on this particular press for quite some time, doing research, all my due diligence. I finally pulled the trigger on Black Friday and purchased this machine. I’ve used it about a dozen times now and it’s been working great. Nice even heating, haven’t had any of the power issues that some people mentioned, And the tumblers came out very nice. My only complaint is with the instructions, or better yet lack there of. I purchased another press from this particular vendor, and the instructions are just as bad. Highly recommend watching some YouTube videos to get the hang of what you need to do if you haven’t done this before. But, after everything said and done, I do think this is a quality product and would highly recommend for you sublimation people.
Christine R Christine R
Heat press
It brought to my tumblers to the next level. Very happy with my purchase. Look forward to using this for my business. Very simple set up. Don’t even need to read the instructions.
Wilson Wilson
i seen this and took a chance on buying it, and i was not wrong to buy it works great and does the tumblers and mugs fast and easy.I was doing my tumblers before with a wrap and it left my house smelling like plastic now i use the heat press and damn i am so happy. Thank you and i would recommend this to everyone who does tumblers and mugs
Raine Raine
Best Buy I ever did
Best heat press I���ve I bought, beside my other heat press from same company.
Sherry Sherry
Mug/Tumbler Heat Press --- the BOMB!!! Love it!!!!
Quality press at an affordable price! Cut my work time in half. The only thing I would change on it, is the dial control, other than that I love it! - Will definitely be purchasing more products from this brand. Heavy duty, quality built machines!

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